Several months since we last checked in at One Bennett Park in Chicago, and the final touches are now being applied to the 70-storey Art Deco marvel by Related Midwest and Robert A.M. Stern Architects. While the tower opened earlier this year, the landscaping and decorative detail work has continued, the project's large scope having necessitated a prolonged schedule. 

One Bennett Park, Deco details, outdoor terrace, image by Forum contributor harryc

Clad in a beautiful, pre-cast, concrete facade evocative of the stone exteriors of decades' past, One Bennett Park has borrowed heavily from the toolkit of previous generations. In particular, the overtly Art Deco themes found across the structure recall the Windy City's architectural heyday, right down to the finer details - such as the metal-framed windows, wrought-iron fences, and decorative lamps. 

One Bennett Park, aerial view of landscaping, image by Forum contributor harryc

Located in the heart of the city, albeit nestled against a large, 2-acre urban park designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh, the project fills the space well. As viewed in the image above, some work yet remains on the landscaping side of things, while the structure itself is now complete. 

One Bennett Park, street view from park, image by Forum contributor harryc

Consisting of 269 rental apartments and 69 condos, One Bennett Park is now home to upwards of 450 people, the project part and parcel of Chicago's ongoing race towards increased height and density. An excellent addition to Chicago's famous skyline, One Bennett Park will likely be a modern favourite in this city for years to come. 

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