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  1. canarob

    Toronto | South Hill - Phase 1 | 148.2m | 45s | SmartCentres | Sweeny &Co

    The graphic claims that 16th Avenue will get a BRT but I've never heard of this even being proposed. There is a plan for BRT on Major Mac though.
  2. canarob

    Toronto | Concord Sky | 298.99m | 84s | Concord Adex | a—A

    Ugh, it will blend right in with Aura. Source:
  3. canarob

    UnionCity (Markham Ctr, Metropia, 39 + 25 + 2x 18 + 3x 10s?, ?)

    Now asking for 1400 units in the northern parcel in towers that are now 34, 33x2, 12 stories: Revised site plan, but no renderings yet:
  4. canarob

    Toronto | 1966 Eglinton East | 162.05m | 48s | RioCan | Kirkor Architects

    These look like the modern versions of the classic Scarborough slab towers from the 60s and 70s. Source:
  5. canarob

    Toronto | Under Concord | 13.12m | 3s | Concord Adex | LGA Architectural

    This will still be kind of dank, no?
  6. canarob

    Upper Canada Mall (Oxford, 5,000 units, Newmarket)

    This isn't a bad location for density with two VIVA rapidways nearby.
  7. canarob

    Toronto | Union Centre | 298m | 54s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Shopify is now referring to Toronto as their main centre of operations: I think Amazon and Shopify will both build signature...
  8. canarob

    Toronto | 100 Bond | 85.15m | 30s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    Aside from Ryerson students, does anyone want to live next to Dundas Square?
  9. canarob

    Toronto | W Hotel Toronto | ?m | 9s | Larco | architectsAlliance

    This hotel seems doomed to failure with the upcoming destruction of the attached HBC Centre and the Bloor Station expansion. Many years of very loud construction are ahead. Maybe we will get a nicer W hotel once this bites the dust?
  10. canarob

    Buttonville Airport Redevelopment (404 & 16th Ave, Armadale, multiple bldgs, P+S)

    More detail here: Interesting to see CF recommit to this site after trying to sell a few years ago.
  11. canarob

    Toronto | 10 Concorde Place | 171.49m | 52s | Fengate Properties | Core Architects

    The offices were pretty auto-dependent, so not a huge deal at this location I would think.
  12. canarob

    The Broadview Terraces (377 Broadview Ave, n of Gerrard E, ?, 3s, Studio JCI)

    This reminds me of when you see an old Honda Civic painted matte black. Just dreadful.
  13. canarob

    Toronto | East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

    It looks like the soap factory will no longer be saved? Or perhaps just as a podium?
  14. canarob

    Greater Golden Horseshoe Transportation Plan

    The "outer ring" line actually accomplishes quite a bit by connecting MCC, Pearson, the three southern York Region centres, all seven GO lines (this is exciting!), Line 1 twice, eventually the Ontario line, Seaton, Ajax, and Oshawa.
  15. canarob

    Toronto | 33 Davies | 92.28m | 19s | First Gulf | BDP Quadrangle

    Office development is kind of limited to the central core and specific "core employment areas" like this strip along the DVP. They can't seem to compete with residential for land.