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    1540 Dupont St (?, 4s, Bernard Watt Architects)

    Noticed this happening the other day and excited to see this building become activated again and get a new restaurant or bar and patio in the area.
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    Toronto | Therme Spa at Ontario Place | ?m | ?s | Therme Group | Diamond Schmitt

    Reporters should bring photos of these renderings and ask Ford and Tory if they really believe that Therme is going to make these pure glass walls and why they're not asking for renderings that reflect reality and allowing this company to scam the public interest and public dollar with...
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    Toronto | Therme Spa at Ontario Place | ?m | ?s | Therme Group | Diamond Schmitt

    Oh boy did they get an earful about how disgraceful the selling of the public space, the destruction of the environment, their plan, and this whole situation is in my response to that (also shamefully framed, twisted to get the results they want) "other" question.
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    59-117 John St (Mississauga) (?,?,?)

    I see no downside to putting Mississauga in the thread title. IMO, any municipality that isn't Toronto should have their name in the thread title for maximal clarity and ease of scanning threads for areas of interest, but in particular at least if it's a potentially confusing case it seems to...
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    Toronto | 2376 Dundas West | 87.5m | 27s | Lormel Homes | Richmond Architects

    I wish Metrolinx would expropriate more. Under the Davenport Diamond bridge we're not going to get a connection between Antler and Lappin on the other side even though it would be a game changing connection for the neighbourhood to connect things together and an important connection for the...
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    Toronto | 510 Yonge | 196.9m | 59s | KingSett Capital | BDP Quadrangle

    I gotta say that while I don't like the City declaring that buildings can't be at an angle or etc., I do kind of prefer this new version? It feels really solid and I do like the streetwall and the red "brick" going all the way up and I prefer the use of the precast more than in the first...
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    Toronto | 72 Perth | 37.95m | 9s | Castlepoint Numa | IBI Group

    I have no issue with height increase, but feel this street was a total missed opportunity. The townhouses to the south should have been higher density and less monotonous and all of it should have been made into a retail/commercial/mixed use street for pedestrians to walk down to connect Bloor...
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    Toronto | 38 Walmer Road | 79.58m | 20s | TAS | SA

    It's not true that the area has no buildings taller than 8/10 storeys like you say. 35 Walmer Road, which is one of the Uno Prii-designed buildings @UtakataNoAnnex was referring to and is, well, extremely nearby is 15 storeys. Did this building and others similar to it nearby (44 Walmer is 13...
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    Toronto | 240 Adelaide West | 199m | 60s | Freed | AS + GG

    This is basically right next to the core core of the city and is right by two subway stations, two streetcar lines (King with special street priority), and soon even more transit with the Ontario Line. I'm not sure why there would be expectation that this area wouldn't be high density...
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    Toronto | 656 Danforth Avenue | 160.73m | 49s | Del Boca Vista Properties Inc | Studio JCI

    I definitely don't want Danforth lined with towers, but I think the Ontario Line station here is a key factor and a node developing around Pape makes sense. A major subway interchange should become more high density and likely would inevitably in time anyway. Trying to hold it back is just...
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    Toronto | 100 Lombard | 216m | 59s | Forum Asset Mgmt | OMA

    This seems like a perfectly fine place for another cluster of height peak/cluster and it standing out from the buildings around it makes for a more dynamic non-tabletop skyline. I don't really see any practical difference with it being the height it is vs 50 floors. What would meaningfully...
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    Toronto | Islington Terrace | 145.08m | 45s | Tridel | Kirkor Architects

    Always striking to me how this area (and many others) has a bunch of buildings built back in the past century, the fabled time when we used to build apartment buildings, and then we just... stopped? For decades and decades. There was plenty of space here, right by transit, and there was already...
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    Toronto | 316 Junction Condos | 88.4m | 26s | Marlin Spring | Giannone Petricone

    There's a house on this street that seems to be renovating. Like gutting the main floor back to the studs and re-doing it and they seem to be adding in and framing another new window facing out onto the street. Makes me wonder about timelines on this project. Maybe there's still viable time to...
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    Toronto | Junction House | 40.23m | 9s | Slate | superkül

    I'm glad the City asked for the change and this is great news that it will just say "Junction". I'm really happy to see the sign in general, and all due respect to those working on the project but having a big glowing sign that says the name of a condo project is kind of tacky and...
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    Toronto | Forma | 308m | 84s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    Despite being in anticipation and impatient to see the tall tower rise, I think it's better in general for the shorter tower to go up before the taller one. Then both stages are more exciting. If you build the taller one first then it's not as exciting to see the shorter tower rise alongside it...