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  1. drum118

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Oct 21 Weston GO New Platform
  2. drum118

    Toronto | Carrying Place Vista | 48.46m | 15s | Chamberlain

    Oct 21 They can finally start work on the tower foundation.
  3. drum118

    Toronto | Mirabella Condominiums | 120m | 38s | Diamante Development | Scott Shields

    Oct 19 More up on site Both towers are top off
  4. drum118

    King-Queen-Roncy Intersection/ROW

    Oct 19 More up on site
  5. drum118

    Toronto | 2376 Dundas West | 87.5m | 27s | Lormel Homes | Richmond Architects

    Oct 19 More up on site Looks like the roof being worked on and basely top out other than the mechanical section.
  6. drum118

    Waterfront Transit Reset Phase 1 Study

    That should have been Parliament Slip
  7. drum118

    Roads: Gardiner Expressway catch-all, incl. Hybrid Design (2015-onwards)

    Have to remove Bay ramp as its the only way the Yonge Ramp can be built. The Yonge ramp is needed to allow for direct movement onto Lake Shore as well allowing a tower to be built where Harbour St is now connecting Yonge to Lake Shore. To deal with all this mess and timeline is to tear it down...
  8. drum118

    Waterfront Transit Reset Phase 1 Study

    First step to build a temporary walkway and cycle path before starting work on the new road. Got to fill in the Jarvis slip and start building the new QQE road before can start on the streetcar guideway. Seeing that will be a good sight to see of things to come by 2030. Wondering what...
  9. drum118

    Toronto | The Kip District | 120.44m | 40s | Concert | BDP Quadrangle

    Oct 18 More up on site
  10. drum118

    Waterfront Transit Reset Phase 1 Study

    Maybe we will finally see the grass that was supposed to be in phase 1, but shot down by EMS who really hasn't use that ROW since day one. It would be nice to see it when the ROW for phase 1 and Fleet are to be rebuilt as well St Clair. If the plan moves forward to move the tracks to the west...