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  1. Oddball

    Calgary | West Village Towers | 149.95m | 41s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    I love the dramatic overhang in that shot. Too bad it'll be lost when the glazing goes up. She'd be such a beauty if she were brut.
  2. Oddball

    Calgary | The Edward | 16.46m | 5s

    Looks a damn sight better than most seniors developments we're accustomed to. This stinkbomb comes to mind.
  3. Oddball

    General Construction Updates

    Oh yeah totally. Right now it looks like its stuck in two time periods and not really accomplishing either. It might have been a bit too much of today's fashion if they had gone with black paneling around the windows and white painted brick, but it would have been pretty sharp. Pretty much any...
  4. Oddball

    Fantasy Geography/Politics

    Awesome post! I have a number of reasons for being a monarchist personally and your response touches very heavily on one of them. I dont think the ceremonial and traditional aspects of the role of the monarchy are simply of peripheral importance either. I think their power to bring people...
  5. Oddball

    General Photos of Calgary

    This is the view North from floor 7 of the South Health Campus. Downtown is supposed to be right in the middle of the shot, but it's been draped in fog and snow since yesterday evening.
  6. Oddball

    Statscan numbers

    It's not a Statscan number, but it's demographic news anyway: Calgary's Population is up by one today!;)
  7. Oddball

    Fantasy Geography/Politics

    There's another interesting article from Tristin Hopper in the Post. Lately they've been critical of Governor General's performance and Hopper tends to like to take a common topic and explore a small piece of it in minute detail or carry some part of it off on a tangent. His article is about...
  8. Oddball

    Statscan numbers

    The highways are packed with locals to be sure, but I think the majority of the people visiting the Parks in the summer are from further afield. It's the ski hills that'll probably be worse off. But maybe at 5M we might get some new ones! :D Population is power. Cities, countries, provinces, it...
  9. Oddball

    Calgary Transit

    Nice video! The gap in the system due North is uuuuuugly! I wonder if it would be plausible to extend the airport connection Westward in the heavily residential areas to the North. (Crazier still, send it all the way to the Red Line) At least as far as where Beddington become Symons Valley...
  10. Oddball

    Roads, Highways & Infrastructure

    They'd probably win over a bunch of people just by revising the 9:30pm end time for playground zones and reinstating school zones.
  11. Oddball

    Calgary | New Central Library | ?m | 6s | Calgary Library | Snøhetta

    The SS Totally-Legitimate-Businessman-Nothing-to-See-Here and the SS I-Have-Absolutely-No-Comment-on-What-I-Was-Doing-Between-1989-and-1995. Glorious.
  12. Oddball

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222.19m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Really cool shots indeed! I like the 3rd thumbnail shot. The one from the tracks. It makes Sky look like a nuclear power plant cooling tower.
  13. Oddball

    Calgary | Crystal | 23m | 8s | West Campus | Urban Agency

    Moose are totally cool in urban environments. :rolleyes: Great looking project though. Almost a shame it'll be in the part of town where those 25 years of age and up will soon fear to tread. ;)
  14. Oddball

    Calgary | New Central Library | ?m | 6s | Calgary Library | Snøhetta

    It sure is! The fact that we've never seen it before makes me wonder if this is totally unintentional.
  15. Oddball

    Calgary | UPTEN | 121.91m | 37s | Strategic Group

    That's Mr. B. Bird, P.Eng to you.