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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    If you have doors you can put platform edge vertical supports in place to hold up the ceiling. This significantly reduces the span horizontal beams require; long horizontal beams holding heavy loads are expensive. There is no cost savings by retrofitting in platform edge doors. The savings is...
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    One major benefit is reduced station construction cost. If you assume platform doors will be in place, then you can also have platform edge pillars to support the roof, reducing the length of the horizontal spans. IIRC, Crosstown stations were designed before TTC had a firm plan for ATO...
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    Bloor-Yonge Station Capacity Enhancement

    It would be extremely surprising if they introduced doors at their busiest and most important station first. If they're going to be part of Bloor, I'd expect to see them at a station like Highway 407 first to ensure they're reliable.
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    GO Transit Electrification (Metrolinx, Proposed)

    Possibly misspeak. The tender is probably closing (no longer accepting new paperwork from bidders) and after evaluating the submissions the winning bidder will be awarded next year. Closing a contract usually refers to final signing (all conditions met or waived, financing/deposits in place...
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    Ontario Northland/Northern Ontario Transportation

    Other than the Timmins and Cochrane seats, don't they already have all of the others this line runs through?
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Yeah. TTC got paid to allow them to be installed (around $3M/year early on, probably more now). Installation wasn't cheap for the advertiser either (around $14M). Compare to the bus displays which TTC paid a 3rd party to install rather than the other way around.
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    TTC: Scarborough Subway Extension (formerly LRT replacement) (City of Toronto, Design Phase)

    I'm not sure that is the case as far as track requirements are concerned. Oil drove revenue up but didn't increase traffic much; freight carriers just charged more to carry it. Page 7: Between 2009 and 2018, oil loads...
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Possibly, I'm not sure. Webster had intended to retire anyway (which is why he hired Byford in the first place) so went along with the accelerated transition very quietly. IIRC, his contracted termination package was higher than just running out the term.
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    He wasn't even fired. He was asked to work from home (at full salary), and was given no work to do for the remainder of his contracted period.
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    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    See attachment 2 (page 5): Interesting to note that this route change (plus easement) took place under Lastman, and well after the Arena was built.
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    VIA Rail

    The transit hub as envisioned at that time also included a consolidated security and customs for both terminals. Existing security/customs space would have become retail and additional gate space. So, the distance savings would have been quite low if arriving by vehicle as those people also went...
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    Don't forget the 5 year partial closure of Bloor near Yonge starting 2024.
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    TTC: Scarborough Subway Extension (formerly LRT replacement) (City of Toronto, Design Phase)

    A brief story on SSE's single bore choice.
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    Mayor John Tory's Toronto

    I'd even argue that parking lot area around commercial should automatically receive a 4 to 6 floor-area-ratio residential zoning. The commercial building space should be protected (by default, variance applications allowed).