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    2422 Islington | 40.2m | 11s | 2424355 Ontario Ltd | Studio JCI

    I was just saying this plaza seemingly would never get replaced, glad to see some development happening. I am very disappointed there will be no retail though, I would look forward to waking here from my house close by.
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    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    Looks like it's for cars/trucks? Looks too small for anything else.
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    Toronto | Westmore Condo | ?m | ?s | J Dass Company

    So no longer a seniors residence? Interesting.
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    Toronto | Western North York Community Centre | 17m | 2s | City of Toronto | MJMA

    Any ideas when construction will start?
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    Woodbine Centre

    Yeah it looks worse than it did 20 years ago. I don't know who they hired to do the tile but it's gnarly. The weird 3d vinyl wrapped along all the open skylights gives it a creepy 90's arcade vibe.
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    Woodbine Centre

    From the looks of it, Lexington phase 2 perhaps.
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    Woodbine Centre

    That would be one very long bridge, it'd be cool though! I would hope for woodbine to be completely torn down with a new retail/housing community put in its place.
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    Toronto | 2200 Islington | 5.94m | 2s | RICE Group | Turner Fleischer

    They've certainly made some progress on the Costco. This was taken from Islington Ave heading towards the 401.
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    Woodbine Soccer Training Facility + Stadium (?, ?, ?)
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    Toronto | 2200 Islington | 5.94m | 2s | RICE Group | Turner Fleischer

    They're currently building the parking structure, 2 cranes up at the site. I can take some photos next time I swing by.
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    Toronto | King East Centre | 140m | 39s | First Gulf | WZMH

    I work in one of the buildings directly underneath the new development, would they be closed? I can't see how they can construct this massive tower without clearing out the below levels.
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    Toronto | Valhalla Village | 121.91m | 37s | KingSett Capital | BDP Quadrangle

    Is that a pool of green coolant?
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    Woodbine Centre

    Must be because even designer depot ditched the depot, and magianos doesn't have an m anymore. Could it be any more sketchy?
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    Woodbine Centre

    Sidewalk Labs - Amazon? See how far that would go with residents of Rexdale
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    Woodbine Centre

    Interesting, new fulfillment center? Seems like an odd place for it if so. Considering the retail opportunity.