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  • Not logging on ... nawing on

    For those familiar with relatively ancient Internet lingo, they are referred to by different names than what I will substitute. But "mud rats" are far less harsh as label than what one could have used. You see, mud rats travel between one or more supply websites digging for dirt to use as mud on another.

    They can come and go without a trace until self-revealed on a website of choice, or vary from renames to completely identical names used everywhere. You're surprised when they post anything on the sourcing website, but when they do, it is not for purposes of contributing.

    UT has had a minor influx, recently, of mud rats, but appropriate people are already on guard and waiting. You can identify these second-rate practisioners of innuendo and cheap shot - by whole-scale projection of their flaws onto others, with touches of Macbethian-like mischief thrown in.

    Be advised mud rats, perilous is your path, whether known to you or not.
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