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I'd prefer to swap out where the linen cupboard and the washer/dryer are, but that's personal preference. It looks like a great use of a small space.
Efficiently designed. I like how the bathroom opens to the bedroom and the den (which could be a decent guest room with an addition of a murphy bed or sleeper sofa.
I would floor the entire unit (except the bathroom) with hardwood or laminate to create a nice flow through out and make the space seem larger. It also eliminates the slightly odd transition between the kitchen tile to the living room and den (the corner of the tile floor ends short of the wall).
I would have the closet/linen open into the den than into the kitchen/dining area. That would free up some wall space in the main living area and it would look less cluttered, and the closet could be used as a guest bedroom closet if you wish.

The bedroom door happens to be in the middle of the living room wall -- having the living room furniture facing the bedroom door is not really ideal especially when you have company. If you are a big couch potato, finding a wall for the TV could be challenging in this small space.
This is a decent unit. The only thing I don't like is that you have to go through the kitchen to get to the closet but that's only a small inconvenience.
Where are you going to put your tv?

There doesn't seem to be spot located anywhere in the living room
I think it is not that great a layout. As stated, there is no good wall space for the Tv in the living room or even a book shelf. The hall closet should be near the foyer and not in the dining room. The space is too small for that den. I guess its ok for 1 person. It would be too small for 2 people.
Sure, it's not perfect. But overall it's a good layout. Have seen a lot worse!

I'd put the TV on a stand in the corner by the window/HVAC.
it's a very nice layout, but all of the dimensions need to be about 20% bigger to be comfortable. As is, with all of your furniture in there, you will have to carefully navigate a cramped space.
I like the seperation of the bathroom from the main living area. The living room seems a little tight.