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My cousins who are in their late teens and early 20s can't be bothered to get off the couch let alone fight an actual war.
I'm so tired of this narrative, there are unmotivated couch potatoes at every age. My father is one of them, since he's retired he's done absolutely nothing. There's also plenty of adults who sit around on their ass all day doing nothing instead of working. Meanwhile, me and most of my friends are all attending post secondary education, many of whom are in STEM programs, or busting their ass working multiple jobs just to afford the most basic of necessities. Some of them are even working and doing school at the same time. That is the vast majority of my friends who are now all in their early 20's. Hardly lazy or stuck on a couch.

Also, as for being a snowflake. I know someone who's father is a genuine snowflake. He buries and suppresses all his emotions, cannot regulate himself and frequently lashes out in anger, and thinks it isn't manly to cry. That's what a real snowflake looks like, unable or unwilling to acknowledge and process their emotions and ignore all their problems. Confronting how you feel and why you feel that way takes courage and strength. My 16 year old brother killed himself two years ago. There are days when I legit cannot get up and do anything, not so much anymore, but there definitely used to be. Just pushing on and never dealing with it will kill you in the long run, instead I've gone to therapy and tried to deal with the grief and trauma and am more of a man now than I have ever been. More mature, more responsible, always open to learning, allowing myself to feel and process my emotions when appropriate and so on. Again I have numerous friends with similar experiences, so to paint this generation as snowflakes is preposterous. Not mention the numerous hardships we've had to live through that many older generations were fortunate enough to avoid. A once in a century pandemic, financial crisis, cost of living crisis, poor prospects in the job market and much more. Also trying to learn to adapt to the digital and social media landscape during the most formative and easily influenceable years of our lives. I could go on...
I actually did sign up to enlist as a cook in the CAF.

Because I have 3 citizenships the recruiting officer in Toronto was unsure if I would be successful with the application process. Their thinking was, what if Canada goes to war with Hungary or Australia goes to war with Canada. You see where I am going with this.

Their thinking was I would have to pick sides and my application would have been heavily scrutinized as a result. They were happy to have me apply but I could tell by the look on their face that it would be a tough sell.

I decided not to go with the aptitude test knowing there was a good chance I would not be accepted.
Whoever this recruiting officer is deserves to be fired, because this is utterly ridiculous. Go sign up again and put your money where your mouth is, because your multiple citizenships are in now way a barrier to entry. Especially when one nation is a treaty ally and the other is apart of our most sensitive intelligence sharing alliance. If you were a Chinese citizen who had just moved to Canada, yea, maybe you'd be rejected over fear of being a CCP plant. Hungary and Australia, a rejection on the merit of that alone would be inconceivable.

Also, since you were accusing people of being unwilling to fight, might I also point out that a cook is not a fighting roll either. Many of my friends would be more than willing to answer the call if Canada was under threat. They might not jump in head first with absolute enthusiasm, but being willing to do something and eager to do it are two different things.
Tangential to the, "kids these days are soft" narrative, is the argument that today's "woke" military can't fight. There's a good response here:

Ukraine should be further proof that accepting diversity works well in building strength.
I'd frankly be shocked that Russia would consider abandoning Crimea. I'm not sure what the eventual peace deal will look like, but I think Russia keeping Crimea/Sevastopol would be high on their list of demands. And it's not clear to me how feasible it is for Ukraine to take Crimea back. Russia has done a pretty effective job of cleansing Crimea of non-Russians, and imported a million Russian civilians to occupy the territory.
Russia is abandoning Crimea?
I don't think they are abandoning Crimea. I think they are less confident of holding it than before. And if you own stolen land in Crimea, might as well cash out now instead of trying to figure out how it might work out.
And it's not clear to me how feasible it is for Ukraine to take Crimea back. Russia has done a pretty effective job of cleansing Crimea of non-Russians, and imported a million Russian civilians to occupy the territory.
It’s only about 100 km from the Ukrainian held Kherson to the entrance to Crimea, Russia’s combat capability is spent, and NATO offensive aid to Ukraine is just getting started.I expect Ukraine will take Crimea before the end of the year. As for the Russians living there, they’ll be deported, just the same as the Germans were when Russia took Koenigsberg, creating the Kaliningrad oblast.

Russian assault on Bakhmut has 'largely stalled', says UK MoD​

Russia’s assault on the fiercely contested eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut has “largely stalled”, the UK’s Ministry of Defence has said.

It said in its latest intelligence update:

This is likely primarily a result of extreme attrition of the Russian force. Ukraine has also suffered heavy casualties during its defence.
The ministry said Russia’s situation had likely been worsened by “tensions between the Russian ministry of defence and Wagner Group, both of whom contribute troops in the sector”.

I asked about this............

The first thing I was told is that while there's some truth to it, its mostly propaganda. This is someone who is very pro-Ukrainian and situation aware about what's going on there.

He noted that the Kyiv Independent has often been used to communicate this exact message both to bolster domestic morale but also damage that of Russian troops and residents of Crimea.


Note the date on the above headline.

In this case, apparently the headline was timed to go with with Ukraine having hijacked/hacked local radio frequencies and "broadcast basically threats to those cooperating with the Russians".

So the object is to to make people on the ground there believe their leaders are abandoning them (Which some are, but many are not) and to promote destabilization.