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Who gets your vote for Mayor of Toronto?

  • Ana Bailao

    Votes: 18 16.4%
  • Brad Bradford

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • Olivia Chow

    Votes: 58 52.7%
  • Mitzie Hunter

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Josh Matlow

    Votes: 20 18.2%
  • Mark Saunders

    Votes: 4 3.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 5 4.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
She couldn't even win over her fellow Liberals and lost out to freaking Del Duca for party leadership. I can't really think of a more unremarkable political career. The only way I'm voting for her is if the other candidate is Denzil or Bradford.

I'll wait and see the full list of candidates, read the platforms and determine whether I think there is any sincere desire (or ability) to fulfill them before declaring any preferred options.

That said, Mitzi is far from my first choice.
This alone should disqualify her.
While I'm sharing..........I don't think I've heard Brad talk publicly about his Wife's occupation much. To be clear, I don't believe in picking on pol's spouses; I don't know his wife and am not casting aspersions of any sort.

She's a VP for a major Toronto developer.

To his credit, he reads as 'absent' on key votes involving their applications; however, they obviously have a vested interested in 'Planning reforms'......

This is quite the piece of information and seems like walking right into a minefield to me and would be a problem for him setting policy around changes to development practices. How could he keep these things separate?

Developers at Doug's table at the wedding, etc. is already an issue in the public conversation, but how's it going to go over when the public finds out that Bradford sits down for dinner every night with the VP of a major development company and personally benefits financially in a direct in a significant way from its success?

This risks undermining credibility of any upzoning or more developer-friendly (or perceived as developer-friendly) zoning or other development rules. If people can pretty reasonably say that the mayor would be disposed to do things that would benefit developers that's an issue. And he would benefit financially from a more permissive development environment either way even if he doesn't do anything corrupt and does everything right — it's just very hard to separate things here, and even if you do separate them somewhat successfully morally, ethically, and in an interior way (which it would be hard for any human to do — hence why we have conflict of interest rules) it still would appear like a major conflict and could undermine Bradford with the public as a candidate or as mayor and undermine and bring up questions around any development-friendly policy he sought to pursue. I don't think recusing yourself around specific projects is enough if you're the mayor and specifically leading and proposing policy around changing development rules to be more permissive. The conflict seems to me to be around the entire fundamental policies there, not just specific proposals.

I mean, Tory gets shit for Rogers, but by comparison the Rogers connection seems much less fraught with conflicts than someone connected directly up to the development industry.

Will be interesting to see what happens in the public conversation when this surely becomes more widely known if Bradford runs.
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It all may be besides the point though because that patty video is just brutal and combined with his overt heel turn of cynical dishonesty against Bravo shows he has tremendously bad political instincts and he's done nothing but make himself unlikable in these past days. I don't see him becoming a figure people rally around or trust. He's becoming instead a figure that people don't respect or even actively scorn or worse, laugh at. But not in a way like with Rob Ford where people laughed but you couldn't deny he had charisma and a magnetic persona and resonated with people. Bradford is just giving generic oblivious obnoxious loser energy here.

I don't think he realizes that this character he's put on like a new jacket and is strutting around in is highly unappealing.
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Next: Whitey McWhiteface goes to Corso Italia for a slice of pizza pie.
I can see him bidding for the Etobicoke Ford Nation vote w/a trip to San Remo (or, if that seems too hipster, La Rose).

But as Jamaican goes, Patty King is way too "factory outlet" for comfort, not to mention the choice a Whitey McWhiteface would make (Fahmee Scarborough before it caught fire would have been better). Heck, if he wanted to bid for the factory-outlet mythos, he might as well gone to Peek Freans at the edge of his own ward--and even *that* isn't the same since Mondelez took over and the factory outlet was pushed across the street and off-premises...
I’m in Scarborough all the time – my in-laws live there – and I can’t say I’ve ever been to Patty King.

Look who’s already making campaign videos.

Not the biggest fan of Patty King, much prefer Allan's.

Or Michidean...but that's Markham lol

Up next on Brad's Tour of Exotic Excursions:
Samosa King at Middlefield & Finch
New Spiceland Supermarket at Steeles for Spicy Mutton Rolls

Hope he can take heat 🙃
That worked out real well last time.
John Tory did okay in his first two terms besides never being a city councilor.

He should have walked as promised and passed onto someone else in a planned transition. Had he done that, and not shagged his staffer(s?) he would be remembered more fondly.
Not the biggest fan of Patty King, much prefer Allan's.

Or Michidean...but that's Markham lol

Up next on Brad's Tour of Exotic Excursions:
Samosa King at Middlefield & Finch
New Spiceland Supermarket at Steeles for Spicy Mutton Rolls

Hope he can take heat 🙃

Definitely Michidean...have to say Patty King doesn't impress.