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Darkstar and SimplyDan visited Rotterdam today as a part of their Eurotrip this summer.
I met them at 11 am at Rotterdam Central Station. I showed them everything interresting there is to see in Rotterdam. Among the places we visited: the cube houses, Rotterdam's public library, the street market, the Erasmusbridge, and pretty much all of downtown.
I only have 10 pics, because I took a 7 year old Sony Mavica digital camera with me, which saves pictures on a floppy disk (and you can only fit 10 pics on a disk).
The pictures:

view from a rooftop terrace where we had coffee.

The koopgoot, a shopping area.

The terrace itself.

Darkstar busy taking pictures.

Darkstar and SimplyDan.

We went to the observation deck of this building, which was completed one year ago. (pic is from the internet)

This was the view from the top, looking to the southern banks of the river:

And this is the view of the city centre:

Hello from Amsterdam! Ronald gave us a FANTASTIC comprehensive tour of Rotterdam yesterday - quite possibly the best few square kilometers of 21st Century experimental architecture in Europe... very impressive ultra modern city.

Tomorrow we leave for Paris - J and I will post our many many Europics in a few weeks!
Nice! the travel-deprived are looking forward to the posts!