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Jan 31, 2012
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Hi everyone!

I just joined the site cause I was so excited to see people talking about Allegra condos. I recently purchased my first home and wanted to know what u guys think of the layout. Its a one bedroom plus den with 786sq ft and 1.5 baths, in phase 1 of Allegra. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions


Thanks, fab
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I'm really happy with the layout my girlfriend and I chose. I just think it will be a bit tight in the living room and bedroom. Does anyone live in a similar layout or have rooms roughly the same size.. Does it fit you well or is it crowded???

Omg I got the same layout as u. What floor are u on.
I'm on 6. Phase one sold fast! I Went on grand opening.
We be neighbors soon in p1. I like the layout big walk in closet.
I'm guessing u on 8?.
The layout looks decent, depending on if it's facing South or not you will get lots of sunshine on your balcony. My issue is with only having a powder room in the suite. The master bath is the full bathroom and has the shower, etc. I would have preferred to swap the two and have the powder room in the ensuite and the full bath in the main suite. Or simply forget the ensuite bath and create a large main bathroom in the same space, moving the door to the bedroom up a bit.