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Lots going on at Harbourfront today including the arrival of the Tallships.

Taken June 18th - looks like some doins izza transpirin' inside--prolly discussin' that dreaded plastic bag fee again.

CH chamber w light poles re.jpg

I can't get enough of the nice wide sidewalk along Dundas between Yonge and Bay. With its generous planters and greenery it even surpasses Bloor St imho.

Wide sidewalk along Dundas re.jpg


  • CH chamber w light poles re.jpg
    CH chamber w light poles re.jpg
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  • Wide sidewalk along Dundas re.jpg
    Wide sidewalk along Dundas re.jpg
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Queen's Park. You can fix it up all you want but you'll never stop U of T students doing naughty things to this statue every September when they return to school.


Strange, that statue is somewhat not proportional.
I've seen many equestrian statues around the world in person and in photos, but that one in Toronto's Queen's Park has strangely short base that the horse and king's statue is sitting on. If we're going to keep a historic monumental statue, let's do it in a proper/ the most beautiful way. Is there any way to dig the base up a little if it's still half burred under dirt?
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Boardwalk outside the Corus Building on Queens Quay East. Almost looks like a developer's rendering. I'm very happy with the direction the city is taking with our waterfront. A nice balance of residential, commercial, institutional and recreational.