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Apr 23, 2007
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well, potentially anyhow.

Have a guess which market the developer appears to be pitching to.

Project name: Australia 108
Building height: 388m
Number of levels: 108
# of apartments: 600
# of hotel rooms (top): 288.

PRobably most interest tidbit on the project:

According to Nonda Katsalidis of architectural firm Fender Katsalidis, Melbourne’s soon-to-be-developed Australia 108 on Southbank – which is expected to become the tallest building in the southern hemisphere – will also have the shortest construction time when compared to similar skyscrapers.
The acclaimed architect explains that this will be due to the use of prefabricated structural elements.
“We’re going to fabricate components so that the building will be pre-assembled on the ground,†says Katsalidis. “This means that the building will be built faster than any similar building has been built in this country before.â€

pre-fab (building the apartments in a factory, truck them to the site and lift them up) has only been done in small buildings here before.

I'm somewhat 50/50 on it myself.

There's been a bit of hullaballoo between the architects (FK who did Eureka among many others), the Melbourne City Council and to an extent the state minister for planning. Quick background: in the Capital City Zone (covers Melb CBD, Southbank, Docklands and now the industrial area of Fisherman's Bend) any new building that has a Gross Floor Area over 25,000sqm automatically bypasses the council for the decision and goes straight to the state minister for planning - in most cases the state minister is more likely to approve (this happens whether the Libs or ALP are in power) and so in this case the Melbourne City Council didn't like it, was too high etc etc yadda yadda and it got approved by the minister for planning.

Dunno if this will show for you (might be geo-blocked for Australia only), but the spat between the Lord Mayor and the Architects:

There was some bullshit reports it was going to overshadow the Shrine of Remembrance on the shortest day:

Official render at top, the bullshit sensationalist one at bottom:

Curtain on OZScrapers has been doing some height comparison renders - this one up against the ESB.


And with the BOC in HK


Comparison with Eureka:


Been a shift in the colours to be used:





And this has now just been approved by the state planning minister with potentially to start this year.