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I don't think anything Bernier has ever done or said suggests he has any kind of deep (or superficial) understanding of the political dynamic across the country.
Amazing. He had the chance to build an actual conservative party based on economic conservativism. Instead, he decides to use immigration as a wedge issue and predictably draws all the racist cooks.
If you don't see what is wrong with this, I can't help you.
I mean I quoted the literal interpretation of the image, and the interpretation of the image that a normal person would have. You can interpret it however you want. Do we even know who made the image? There are plenty of other non-sinister explanations for why the babies eyes are blue. Now I can't rule out the possibility 100% that he was attempting to dogwhiste to nazi's. I mean usually serious claims like this would require at least some evidence but clearly the left has an issue with innocent until proven guilty so I guess you got him. I want to see which media outlets are stupid enough to pick up the story.

Now, for example if Faith Goldy posted this image you would have a leg to stand on. But this candidate you have nothing on. I know you will claim his PPC candidacy is evidence but that is literally the begging the question logical fallacy.

I think it is time for me to get off of the internet because forums like this and twitter are a waste of time. Clearly politics is getting idiotic where people are analyzing colours of images instead of discussing the issues. I am going to go fight for what I believe in the real world and let the peanut gallery like Andray, who was only able to get 10% of the vote despite a massive amount of funding in 2014, control twitter. I will be making a difference in the actual community and not whining about image filters.

Also, Keithz, if you believe there are no racists in the other parties you are wrong. They just vote on different issues because not everyone's #1 priority is race politics.

Signing out,
I mean, it really seems like he was here as some kind of fifth columnist for PPC (albeit more the "libertarian idealism" end)
A Saskatchewan People's Party of Canada (PPC) candidate is defending comments in support of "hate speech" he made recently on social media.

Some groups say they fear the comments could incite violence.

"Our country could use more hate speech, more offensive comments, more 'micro-aggressions', more violation of safe spaces with words and more critical thinking," Cody Payant wrote on his Facebook page and Twitter account on July 16.

"Words are not violence and when we don't have them to debate and articulate our thoughts when communicating, then all we have left is guns," he added.