Stunning 2-Storey Condo just got listed here with over 1730 Sq Ft of Living Space! Under 1M. Wish they staged it better though. Priced around $570/Ft

This building has been well managed. How much were the maintenance fees when first occupied? They still hover around .51/cents per sqft.
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it's a model D6 and it was never listed.
Fantastic buy and welcome to the building! IMO that's the best 2+den in the building. What floor and would you mind hinting at price/sq ft it was purchased at?
Remember to join the facebook page for the building, great bunch and lots of participation.
Guys I would appreciate your honest opinion on this: this morning I got the cheapest unit per sq ft in the building Berczy ($475 psf), the A3 unit on the 3rd floor (see floorplan attached). the unit has 650 sq ft interior plus a terrace of aprox 115 sq ft. In my opinion the unit has a great layout, however the low price as you can see in the floorplan is due to the unit has another unit's terrace in front and another one to the left so the unit won't have the best sunlight, it will be dark. Due to the position of the unit I think that maybe you will have some view of the CN tower, but very limited. A great building, one of the betters corners in downtown, the location is amazing, boutique building, very nice finishes, good price I think (475 per sq ft), very good layout, big terrace, but the big concern is that terrance in the front of the unit. I have 10 days to make my decision. what do you think?

I noticed a Berczy unit sell on MLS (one day over asking) and when I saw the terrace I remembered the discussion here. If it was you Carturo15, congrats on the wise investment.


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