Quite large for the area, which I’m sure will cause residents to lose it, but IMO this fit in well and will add a lot of residents and help boost the area as a whole.
Great stuff - this one allows for the retail strip to continue another half-block, as opposed to be capped arbitrarily by a line on the map due to past outdated political battles on the BIA, community, planning boundaries.

All the predictable angst re: parking, renters aside, it’s form is totally acceptable for the area. More retail is highly welcome and needed particularly in alignment with better public realm along the corridor.

A later stage problem, but another opportunity to get some more durable, higher quality materials in the public realm and retail environment. Marda (and more infilling neighbourhoods) haven’t had a great track record on that - decent form and scale improvements, but often cheap/sloppy exteriors.
The DP drawings are now posted:




I don’t mind it, but I’m not sure about the portico structure on the south side of the building. It just seems like it will be an impediment to pedestrian movement.

I liken it to the columns on Courtyard 33. They take up valuable pedestrian space.

Bump into one of those columns and you’re at risk of falling off the edge and into the abyss.
It's pretty generic, but for the most part checks the boxes. My main complaint is those posts at the main entrance, they need to lose those.

I hope we don't see too many more projects that take up this amount of street frontage. My other more mild complaint is the length of the building. I know partly a matter of economics for the developer, but I'd so much rather see three smaller projects than one big long block spanning project.
if ive learned one thing from this forum its dont buy property across the alley from a major street. great for the neighbourhood, not great for the neighbours

Don’t buy north or east side yes. I owned a house south across the alley of a six storey building and couldn’t have cared less. It blocked a bit of sky view but I still had full sun all day/year.
This one is being presented as I type for the land use at Council. A couple of images from the Sarina Homes presentation:
Rendering of project:
Screenshot 2023-04-04 142710.png

And, it was mentioned that as a way to activate the main street, and give a nod to the streetcar heritage, here was a concept of a patio space they are proposing on 33rd:
Screenshot 2023-04-04 142724.png