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The game against Columbus was one of the worst I've seen all year, the game against Toronto was one of the best. Here's hoping they can play like they did Saturday and get 2 points tonight, right now this team is struggling to be a playoff team! I think this season is a learning season, and if we are going to make a run it will have to be next season, After that there are a lot of contracts up, will be hard to keep the team together!
Looked like the same team from a couple weeks ago to me. They're still struggling to get the puck in the slot in the offensive zone and struggling to defend the slot in their own zone. The team is still creating most of their chances off perimeter play and shots from the point instead of play down low and in the slot which would create higher danger chances.
Nice win over Seattle by the Calgary Jekyll and Hydes. If the gas have beaten the Blackhawks like they were supposed to they would be right in the middle things.
If there’s one silver lining from the season it’s that the Flames are still struggling to find there game but are lucky enough to still be in the playoff mix.
WHen it clicks, they should be able to go on a tear! Flames have by far the most 1 goal games, would be awesome if they could win a few more. Flames are 6 points back of Seattle for the division lead, a few more wins in those 1 goal games and we could be at the top of the Pacific!