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I think the market for Tanev was a second round pick +, great player, who is clearly a rental, could help on a cup run but has documented injury issues. My bigger gripe with the trade was including the salary retention, since the Flames have been so reluctant to in the past, this seems like an odd place to give up one of the retention slots. I assume this was palatable since the retention doesn't go beyond the season and they could, if they wanted to, still retain on both Hanafin and Markstrom but seems like an odd decision to me to give that up + Tanev for less than a first.
Tanev is a Dallas Star, Flames get a 2nd, conditional 3rd and D prospect Artem Grushnikov. Decent haul...
I'm reasonably happy. Maybe would have been nice to get 1st rounder, but it would have been a late pick and this year's draft especially in the late part of the round isn't great.
The best things about the deal are that Conroy has figured out that it's possible to retain salary, which the ownership hasn't let happen previously, and that it signals a move into more of an actual rebuild, rather than the traditional MO of being just good enough to get two to three home playoff gates.

That's all the upside, though. A late second round pick and a low-end prospect is not enough for a decent piece that's made for the playoffs. Particularly since I suspect that the market for Tanev would get hotter closer to the deadline, particularly if Hanifin is in a new home and there are scraps remaining. Both writers on the Athletic gave the trade an A for the Stars and a D for the Flames, and I agree.
Tanev might come back this summer I have heard

He is building a house in Calgary so he plans to live here after his career at least
If staying in Calgary was an option, why wouldn't he just re-sign and skip the whole trade? Tanev wants to win a cup and that's not going to be possible here for a while.
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Damn, this team is making it hard for me to write them off!
I honestly feel like this team might actually make the playoffs. After the Lindholm trade, they are still playing well, even better. It comes down to whether they trade Markstrom, if they trade him we’re done for sure if they don’t then we still have a chance at making the playoffs.
Now that I’ve said that I’ve probably jinxed him and they’ll lose five in a row.
Great tribute and ceremony for Kipper, glad I caught that before the game. Dude is a legend and very deserving of having his #34 retired.

I also went to bed early expecting the Flames to lose, was surprised to see them come back and win. Has it ever happened where a team has had a fire sale like this and still made the playoffs? would be completely bizarre! If Markstrom goes, then we should trade everyone, if he stays we are already on the path to a rebuild IMO.
It is all part of being in the murky middle, it is full of teams that if everything falls right than they get in. LA, Nashville, Calgary, St. Louis, Minnesota, and Seattle. Flames are 7 points out with two games in hand on Nashville so say they get two points out of those two games and they're 5 points out. That's just the west too... Either way that collection of 6 teams are all in this weird not going up and not going down in their trajectory, murky middle.
Sounds like the Canucks might flip Lindholm to try and land Guentzel. Kinda funny that they aren't happy with either player we sent them this season lol.
Sounds like the Canucks might flip Lindholm to try and land Guentzel. Kinda funny that they aren't happy with either player we sent them this season lol.
I'm surprised they're already looking to flip Lindholm, he hasn't really been there long enough to make a proper assessment.