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Sep 24, 2015
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A thread dedicated to discussion of Calgary's new Green Line as it pertains to the North corridor.
A link to the rapidly evolving downtown alignment options (on page 28 of pdf):

Some interesting challenges for city engineers as they get closer to finalizing plans. Based on the last info session, the grade option over Centre St. Bridge is unlikely. Also of note are the new alignment options being looked at for the Beltline.

I like the idea of maximizing Beltline access before heading east to Inglewood but it seems that if they go with either a 11 or 12 ave option it will be at grade after tunneling under the CP tracks. Don't know whether that's a good idea but we'll see.
Personally, I prefer seeing the Green Line kept on 10th avenue rather than being moved over to 11th or 12th. Shuffling it down a block to two won't do much to improve access to the Beltline and would only make certain congested intersections worse. I also like the idea of keeping the 4th street station closer to the East Village than to Stampede grounds. We need train service that connects the Beltline with the rest of downtown, but that is going to have to be another project. Either as a part of some future dedicated subway system (keep dreaming Oddball) or as the downtown leg of some future East-West (17th South East-Valley Ridge) train line (less preposterous, but still a ways out).

No matter what happens with the stretch South of the Train Line, these are things we'd learn to live with, but I'm so thankful they've ruled out the Centre Street bridge option for the North Line alignment. As much as it's nice to gaze at photos of street cars rolling along 100 years ago, in the present the bridge serves a different purpose. It must be kept open for traffic. With that in mind I also hope the "Hybrid" option is ditched for the same reasons as well. Personally, I favour the fully tunnelled option. I haven't heard any cost estimates, but it must be the most expensive. That's a pity, but the other options involve irreparably blighting Prince's Island. I'd settle for one of them in the interest of getting the project moving, but I think it will come to be viewed as a big mistake as time goes on. I like the ideas they have for the stretch north of 16th ave though.

I never really realized the potential of the Centre Street Station before. It will be right at the foot of the Calgary Tower with the 10th Ave alignment. I know CPR mainline will be in the way, but as we all know there are some plans to remake the podium under the tower. Demolishing or, more preferably, pushing the parking structures underground and using that space for a Centre Piece C-Train Station that flows into an open and welcoming tower podium would have numerous benefits.

A) It would add life to a very forgotten corner of the city.
B) It would make crossing the train tracks much more friendly to pedestrians and hopefully create a flow between the Beltline, Stephen Ave and the Olympic Plaza area.
C) It would show that we actually kinda care about our poor old tower.
D) It would be good for tourism.

(Maybe they could also work in one of my dream projects. I have many, why do you ask? I like the tower, but I HATE HATE HATE the bald concrete of the neck. The night-lights were a good start, I'd love to see it painted. Even if it's just white or black, it's better than what we've got, but there's so much potential there. Red is definitely the city's colour and I'd love that, but why stop there? Why not commission a mural!? I know that's totally insane because people will hate all the options and the City will chose the least offensive one thereby spoiling it forever. But something boldly abstract or modern could bring a whole new lease on life to our beloved tower as it simultaneously enters the next 50 years of it's life and slips out of the list of city's tallest structures it once reigned.)
I love the idea of a centre street station, something I never thought about either. The only thing Is I prefer the idea of going down 11th or 12th instead of tenth, so it would take away from the idea of a station at the Calgary Tower. I like the ideas for the north corridor.