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Mar 18, 2016
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I'm sure we have a pretty broad range of tastes between us. If you've been to a good show lately or know of anything coming up that's worth sharing you should post about it here. :)

If there are any fellow Metalheads in the crowd, I'm going to the Sabaton at the Palace on Feb 17th. I saw them when they came through last year and it as a hell of a show. /m\ >.< /m\
For any fans of Alvvays, I think they'll be at the Palace on the 31st of March. I'm catching them at the campus bar in Saskatoon a few days before, should be a good one!
If anyone likes the heavier bassier side of Electronic music there is a really good show at Distortion Saturday night, it's the Fozzyfest icebreaker party and should have some really good drum and bass, breakbeats and maybe some dubstep.
I didn't take any pictures of video myself from the Sabaton concert back on Feb. 17th, so I've been waiting for some other videos to be posted before I commented on it. Here's Sabaton's official video:

Be warned it's a metal show, so there's a bit of swearing. The music is pretty PG though.

All round it was a hell of a show. I saw them last May also at the Palace. They played a set I was a little more into the first time around, but the crowd was nuttier this time. The footage in the video is from pretty early in the set. They only played a few songs before this was filmed and the crowd was already chanting their name between pretty much every song. If you're a metal fan, they played a couple of my favourites in this set. They have a concept album about the Imperial Period of Swedish history called Carolus Rex which is my favourite album by them.

For the record, I probably don't appear in this video. We were tucked towards the back on the right side. If I'm in it it's probably as no more than a fleeting glimpse of a hand.

The show was actually a double bill as it turned out, so they didn't hit the stage till after 10. The co-headliner was a German thrash band called Kreator. They had a very different crowd than Sabaton. They had a pretty intense mosh pit going at one point and a lot of hard core fans up their screaming their lyrics that disappeared after the Kreator set. I didn't catch much of the opener CyHra, but they sounded more to my tastes than Kreator. They were really into Satan in sightly comical over earnest fashion. Satan is Real is apparently a fan favourite. Different strokes for different folks. I was just happy that their lead singer didn't die of a brain aneurysm right in front of us. He put on a pretty physically intense show for a guy looking to be in his 50s.


We also went to Studio Bell for the first time earlier in the day. It was gorgeous inside as expected, but the museum itself was pretty cool. Which is not something I'm really used to in Calgary. I think we'll be back, especially if they ever do a official Rush exhibit. There was already a fair about of Rush sneakily snaked through it :D. If we made one mistake it's that we came after 3pm which is apparently after a lot of the live musical demos wrap up for the day. The highlight was getting to play with a microKORG which must be one of the coolest little music boxes money can buy. It made my wish my piano playing wasn't over a decade out of date.
Never heard of Sabaton, but I'm considering going to the Mastodon show in September.

Power metal isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's energetic as hell. This what they kick off every concert with:

I'm also heavily considering Mastodon. Even though I'm a big fan of both progressive rock and metal Mastodon didn't really click for me for the longest time, but I really dig Emperor of Sand.

Did you happen to go to the Sword last weekend? I really wanted to go, but I was up in Shelbyville... I mean Edmonton for a bachelor party.
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I don't go to many metal or punk shows anymore, usually just check out DJs. The show I should have gone to was when Slayer and Anthrax were in town a few weeks back.