I see the parkade is fenced off and they are doing work on the ground floor. Any idea what is happening there?

Edit… I see by looking back at the plans they look to be expanding the parkade. So hopefully more of the surface lots will disappear
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Well, this hype bubble popped rather quickly. There goes another potential TOD. Legit, Calgary is still stuck in the 80's with their malls. It's so frustrating to see.

When will we ever see something like this?😩

It is Calgary. The answer is Never. Pathetic really, but we aren't really ever going to be a 'city'.
There's a city in Calgary, but all of Calgary isn't a city. I chose to buy central because that's where the city is. The old suburbs love being the suburbs and those in them will resist living in a city for as long as they can. Heck, even Marda Loop Community Association fights hard against decent infill.