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Terrible photo, but looks like second cup has opened at the Central Library
Still a few Second Cup's around, but yeah, they've had their struggles. It's not a case of attracting too few customers, but more related to the franchise structure and management. It was a terrible deal for the people who were buying into them. Not sure if it's still that way or not.
Curryer on 5th has closed citing higher costs (I think that's a shot at the land lord). That's too bad because I quite liked their food, it was far less oily and salty than Mirchi if you're looking for Pakistani fare. Tough location to make a go of it.
Anyone know if the new Elephant & Castle is open yet? they are supposed to be a soccer bar and Euro Cup is on...
Nothing yet I believe. Also I was thinking the same thing - the Euro cup is going on at the moment and Copa America starting in three days (Canada plays against Argentina this Thursday......)