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This one is not dead yet. Stay tuned....;-)

Thanks for the LL info. I used to spend hours in U of A's Cameron library looking up unbuilt projects across Alberta and remember finding some info on the LL proposal, but this is better.

Another unbuilt ski resort is the Vacation Alberta proposal from the early 90's to expand Westcastle (now known as Castle Mountain) with two golf courses and a small village. At one time, I had photo-copies of an Alberta Report article about it. Can't find anything online.

Finally, there is the original Spray Lakes proposal for a resort called Assiniboia from the late 60's / early 70's. The Alberta Provincial Archives in Edmonton had a large document on it with very 70's looking renderings for buidings with steep roof pitches and lots of stonework and cedar
From what I can find, Westcastle died because of the continued fight over establishing a provincial park in the area. This fight continues to this day and pits off highway vehicle users and a subset of hunters against most everyone else.

This quote in opposition summed it up best:




It would be the highest-end development in the city next to a homeless shelter. I'm not saying it's the main reason that it hasn't been built, but it's certainly a factor.