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Here's an oldie, "The Corner," a food hall - next to the Drop-in Centre!





EDIT: Wait!!!! is this actually going ahead? Systemic Architecture's website actually says 2023 construction.
Yeah, it's a cool idea, but considering the location, it would just end up as a giant headache for all involved.

Until things change, the only realistic use for that patch of land would be as a police station.
I propose a fenced dog park. Then it can be a game of who’s noisier? The encampment or the dogs barking at each other?
A joint police station and a supporting location for the Chumir Centre on that lot would be perfect. Would relieve a ton of the weight currently on the Chumir’s hands, increasing the availability of services to the general population and directing services right to where they’re needed most.
Agreed, something more niche would fit better. Even a large Rock climbing centre or Gymnasium to serve the downtown population would be nice.