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Haha this must be the worst bait and switch in terms of renderings of all time! Absolutely terrible execution compared to the rendering. Cidex is so bad at developing buildings it’s laughable.
Not of all time...


I'd love for the last step before occupancy permits are issued to be for someone to come out with a copy of the rendering and just hold it up and see if they can keep a straight face. But full-on deceit has no penalty, so guess what we get.
A proposal not going ahead is not a bait and switch. It's an unrealistic expectation that something that has been proposed by default is more than halfway to having shovels in the ground. A developer will agree to include a facade whenever the time to build is right. They won't agree to being forced to build something that doesn't make sense to build.
at least the trees are doing their best

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Those trees look good actually.

I think those are Brandon Elms - Assuming they survive 100 years, those trees will reach 15m tall in ideal conditions. I don’t think these are ideal conditions.

If we took out the two most northern lanes of 9th for a cycle track and a second row of elms + optimal soil volumes for roots, we’d be getting somewhere to de-bunkering this podium and de-freewaying the street
Two crowns pointing to one direction, the third crown to the other. This whole development is going to be an eyesore forever. Sure the towers themselves are nice but Cidex needed to change up the third tower for the sake of our skyline! The existing podium was already a big turd so no new surprises in that department.
At least the 8th Ave side won’t be quite as monstrous as the 9 Ave side. Not by enough though… 😒

At least it means that Calgary will have 21 buildings (not including Calgary Tower) at/over 150 meters 🤷🏻‍♂️ That’s a huge number for a city our size.