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Downtown Supermarkets

Are there any downtown supermarkets? Like, say, if ppl live at Queen Street West, where would they get groceries and other necessities? K well if u live in the Queen West area u can go to Chinatown, but not for things like milk or bodywash or etc. People who think they're trendy ppl like to live in these areas but isn't it really inconvenient to live in these areas? I dont' know how people would want to live there if u have to take the subway to go to like food basics or a dominion.
Well, they have these newfangled things called cars that you can drive right to Loblaws and carry your groceries home in.

And then there's Grocery Gateway which will bring the groceries right to your door, just like the olden days.
There's Dominion on Bloor, just west of Spadina, Dominion on Gould Street at Ryerson (a tad small, though), Food Basics in St. Jamestown and the Loblaw's on Queens Quay (which you basically need a car for, no matter where you live). In the neighbourhoods immediately surrounding downtown, there's far more variety, but you have to get out to St. Clair, across the Don River, or to near Dufferin Street. There's Loblaw's at Dupont/Christie and St. Clair and Bathurst (right at the subway), Dufferin Mall (can't remember what store that is), Food Basics and No Frills at Pape and Gerrard, a Weston store at Yonge/St. Clair, to name a few. A Dominion is almost opened now at Liberty Village, near King and Strachan.

Am I missing any located downtown?

Supermarkets require lots of space and parking usually. Grocery isn't a high margin business, so they aren't that common downtown.
that's interesting...
i mean, with all the condo developments in downtown, there will be a lot of people without cars (i assume that people choose to live in downtown to rid the need of a car) who need to go to supermarkets in downtwon... guess they have to go on subway or streetcar?!?!
There are a lot of downtown neighbourhoods where a grocery store is a 10-15 walk away. Just get one of those little buggy carts and it's a piece of cake.
Am I missing any located downtown?
Dominion on College, Price Chopper in Parkdale, Dominion in Market Place (across from St. Lawrence Market), Mr. Grocer in the ManuLife Centre. There's more too that I just can't think of at the moment.

There's also new grocery stores coming to (possibly) Maple Leaf Gardens, the old Daily Bread Foodbank building at Lakeshore & Bathurst and another new Dominion out in the King West & Strachan area.

guess they have to go on subway or streetcar?!?!

Taxis work quite well too. ;)

There are quite a few convenience stores carrying fruits and vegetables downtown. There are the Kitchen Table stores in the Atrium and in First Canadian Place. The Loblaws at St.Clair West isn't too bad to get groceries. Basically without a car you buy less more often.
I don't know what downtown some of you are in. But Downtown Toronto has tons of supermarkets, regular markets, and corner stores.

You are never that far of a walk from one.

If I lived downtown, I would use the market for most of my stuff. And just supermarkets for toothpaste and stuff.

But the food selection downtown is the best.

And who cares if you need to take a streetcar. In the suburbs, you have to travel. What is the big deal of a 5min streetcar ride to the supermarket.

But overall most of downtown is within walking distance of supermarkets.
There used to be a Loblaw's on the east side of Yonge just south of King. I used to go there with my grandparents all the time. Dunno if it's still there or not. :)
There used to be a Loblaw's on the east side of Yonge just south of King. I used to go there with my grandparents all the time. Dunno if it's still there or not

It was actually just north of King...and it's long gone, as is the Canadian Tire that was opposite.
Actually, it was north of Adelaide, in the basement of the Arcade building. It closed when they opened the Big Gay Loblaws at Queen's Quay.
Everyone does. On Saturdays, it's like Woody's, but with better lighting!
i would have thought that toronto would have more full-service downtown supermarkets. vancouver has at least four real supermarkets on its tiny downtown peninsula, not to mention the regular corner groceries. in montreal, the western part of downtown has four supermarkets -- a provigo, an iga, pa and mourelato's -- none of which have parking. same goes for the milton-parc/mcgill ghetto area on the northeast side of downtown, which has two large supermarkets. there's even an iga in the cbd next to chinatown.

maybe you're just underestimating the amount of grocery stores downtown? after all, the residential density is pretty high and i assume a large number of people don't have cars.
Dominion is opening a small store on the lower level of College Park on December 5th.