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Bad satire is right. I can’t believe they specifically showed that dog’s breakfast intersection as one of the first things in that promo video 💀
I don't think "live by a busy and confusing intersection" is high on anyone's list. I suppose it is hard to avoid the issue here, but maybe it would have been better just to use a nicer sounding boiler plate "close to transportation, recreation and shopping phrase" and leave it at that. However, given this already is the building of many colours, I don't think good marketing and presentation is this developers strength.
'Regency Developments’ newest purpose-built rental tower, The Beacon is located at the apex of Edmonton’s East Junction. Penthouse amenities, concrete construction, luxury finishes, and stunning, panoramic views of Downtown Edmonton and the North Saskatchewan River Valley.'

Oh, it's a BEACON alright...
Wait…..they’re calling it the “Beacon?”

It is a beacon as we're all complaining about it. A beacon is just a relative term, so, in this instance, it is a beacon TO NOT EVER TOP.
can people fill me in why Regency gets so much hate?
How many reasons do you want?

  1. 'Concrete Wasteland' aka the former BMO site on 101 Street in the heart of our Downtown
  2. 'Manufactured Wetland' aka The Emerald site on west Jasper Ave.
  3. The ugliness that is 121 West
  4. The ugliness that is 'The Beacon' at their Holyrood site
  5. The ugliness that is The Quest
Their only redeeming quality is that The Pearl is one of our tallest residential towers and doesn't look like hot garbage.
can people fill me in why Regency gets so much hate?
They gave us two zones that can only be described as 4th and 5th world then these lovely arrangements that look like a young girl putting on make-up for the first time. You know... the clown face approach The problem is this is not their first time putting on makeup... and it still resembles a first timer making our city LOOK LIKE A FIRST TIMER.
can people fill me in why Regency gets so much hate?

On top of the reasons given above, the way they work with the communities in which they plan and build their projects is frustratingly awful. I don't know what this aspect was like when Rakesh was running things, but Raj seems to be overall just bad at this whole real estate development gig.

You know it's bad when they can't even make it look good in the marketing photos.

I laughed out loud when I saw that website. They somehow made it look worse than it even actually does in reality.