What do you think of this project?

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Hate is a strong word for sure but there have been a ton of disappointments with ugly empty sites. The ugly build execution in Holyrood speaks for itself. Even some earlier nicer aesthetic builds like Pearl and High street district properties both had envelope issues requiring big cash calls for owners.

Always cheer for groups to be successful but Regency hasn’t had a great track record.
There were lights on the other evening. Not sure if people are already moving in or they are staging show suites. Multiple units though and you could see things on the walls. Top floor lights were also on. Regardless of my disdain for the building, it will be really good for the population of the area when this building rents up.

Hopefully they sell to an owner that hires a reputable property management company. I've heard mixed reviews about the Edgewater Buildings, but that is on the new owners/property management company rather than Regency.
I take it you are not a big fan of brutalist architecture. It probably won't win many awards, but at least they got this one built.