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There's a strain of small-c conservatism in East York that is quite anti-bike, especially once you get into the bungalow and tear-down-for-new-build land north of Mortimer. After all, this is the borough that elected Case Ootes as a councillor until 2010, where he was the lone Mike Harris-era conservative sitting on the TO-East York Community Council.

I recall the Cosburn bike lane debate in the mid-00s with Janet Davis remarking that her hair turned grey soon after. The more recent Woodbine bike lane debate was also quite intense, although it appeared more contentious south of the Danforth.
Facebook opinions are definitely not reflective of reality, but this reflects *a lot* of the “I’m From East York, Toronto” group members. The cycle tracks on Danforth and Woodbine aren’t very popular on that group lol. Also, when exactly were the Cosburn bike lanes added?

The tree canopy in the south end of East York is quite good, roughly south of Mortimer and Lumsden to the old boundary along Aldwych/Milverton/Springdale.

Also, unlike many of the streets in Riverdale or Leslieville, these hoods mostly lack laneways, so the backyards tend to be quite large with trees.
Yeah, agree, there are decent pockets. Lumsden in between Chisholm and Woodbine really has this. To my surprise, that strip on Dawes south of Gower also has decent tree canopy (fairly recent addition). The area sandwiched between Woodbine, O’Connor, Mortimer, and Donlands is the “meh” part regarding tree canopy. As mentioned in my comment above, same with the walkable strips on Pape, O’Connor/St. Clair, Donlands, and Coxwell. Though as Northern Light said above, there are plans for trees north of St. Clair on O’Connor.
I doubt this will happen anytime soon, but it really needs an update at least to look more like the ones on Woodbine (I’m not even saying 100% separated, but at least change the configuration of having them in between the ROW road and the parking.

Bike lanes on Cosburn are scheduled for upgrades in 2026, currently.

That date is not fixed in stone of course, but that's the internal schedule right now.