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Sep 22, 2015
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Coronation Park in Edmonton is an established and well-developed 35-hectare park. The new, multi-purpose Coronation Community Recreation Centre will integrate a wide variety of recreation interests and skill levels, respond to the needs of all ages and abilities, and will contribute to a sense of community by acting as a “community hub”. The facility will complement and be physically connected to Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre, an architecturally award winning aquatic and fitness centre. It will include a new fitness centre, gymnasia courts, a walking/jogging track, a International Cycling Union (UCI) sanctioned cycling track, and community spaces and is a LEED Silver candidate.

Because of the significant change to the use of the park, the project includes an update of the Coronation District Activity Park Site Development Plan.

This is a joint venture project between Dub Architects and Hughes Condon Marler Architects, in collaboration with FaulknerBrowns Architects.

Plans that will see Edmonton build the first indoor triathlon centre in North America remain on track after city council voted to stand by its decision to fund the Coronation Community Recreation Centre.

The centre will have a 250-metre indoor cycling track, a 400-metre running track and will be connected to the existing swimming pool in the Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre, at 138th Street and 111th Avenue.

That will make the Coronation rec centre a bona fide place to train for and host triathlons, said Stephen Bourdeau, general manager of World Triathlon Series Edmonton.

Construction on the Coronation rec centre is scheduled to start in 2021.

This one was watched closely by the Cycling and Tri communities. For the track riders it will be great. We've had a few successful track riders on the international scene for years so this could only help. and maybe bring WC races here as well. It also means Tri athletes like Paula Findley don't have to leave to train.

I do hope this doesn't get value engineered to crap.
DP tentatively going to EDC pre-application on March 17:

Coronation Community Sports Centre - Informal / DP - Nicole Howard - City of Edmonton

Looks like EDC is going ahead with virtual meetings, and this informal is moved to tomorrow, April 1:
Coronation Community Recreation Centre Project - Design Progress Update
  • Administration has identified two scenarios for the Coronation Community Recreation Centre project, which has an approved budget based on an estimated cost of $112.3 million and a partner contribution of $4 million (which the Argyll Velodrome Association and the World Triathlon Series Edmonton have committed).
  • Scenario 1 would be LEED silver certified and includes a 250-meter cycling track, two gymnasiums, an urban court, a fitness centre and studios, multipurpose rooms, and a childminding space. To stay on budget, some space reductions would be required.
  • Scenario 2 would have everything in scenario 1 plus 750 spectator seats, an indoor running track, larger and additional studios and gymnasiums, a direct and secure connection to the Peter Hemingway Facility & Leisure Centre, outdoor tennis courts, and additional traffic access to improve park accessibility. It would require an additional $46 million, taking the budget to $158 million.
  • Scenario 2 would make the Coronation Recreation Centre "the first indoor triathlon centre in North America to support year-round indoor triathlon training and events."
  • Administration will bring a proposed budget increase to the 2020 Fall Supplemental Capital Budget Adjustment "with options for Council’s consideration and direction on which scenario to be advanced to construction."

Scenario 2 please and thank you 😇
Scenario 2 please and thank you 😇
as far as i know scenario 2 was what was initially approved.

the problem now is that it is 41% over budget!

from an administration that currently tracks all of its capital projects - currently numbering 280 in total - and currently reports them at 94% on or under budget. as only one of 280, this will reduce that percentage all the way down to 93.64%! of course what's not available in the public reporting is how many of those 280 projects could be completed and paid for in full with $46 million dollars.

interestingly enough, all of the public consultation was based on scenario 2 and administration is now saying that scenario 1 would restart the process and set back the projected completion by 2 years (which i'm sure will also result in a request for more money :( ).

it's a pure out and out guess, but my guess is for the amount of money we have spent over the past 20 years on both capital projects and operating costs and grants for sporting events and tournaments that are here for a single weekend and then gone again for another 3 or 4 years until they get more money, we could probably have paid for west lrt with cash. or the world's absolute best city wide bike lane system including snow removal and maintenance.
Scenario 2 is getting tennis courts? Is that in addition to the existing ones? I really hope the existing ones are maintained in either scenario.

I would also like to see this project done sooner rather than go through two years of extra consultation. Can we borrow money from the Terwillegar Dr expansion?

I do resent that the design development process does not coincide with budget approvals...Hopefully these latest numbers are based on Construction Manager estimates, rather than design/cost consultant estimates.
Reference ID: Job No 371912806-002
Description: Construction of (a) new building(s), Exterior Alterations to the Site, Solar Energy Systems, Demolition
Location: 11130U - 135 STREET NW
Plan 3120MC Lot 23U
Status: Intake Review
Create Date: 9/2/2020 10:25:33 AM
Neighbourhood: WOODCROFT