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I love the fact that there will be 4 architecturally significant structures in relative close proximity to each other in this area. I just wish there were an LRT line passing by this area.
Given how far south the WLRT is, 111 Avenue will make sense after 2040/50 to be an expansion up 156st to 111ave and east down 111ave and Kingsway and eventually to tie-in with a line down 97-96st.
I know it's still years away, but very excited for this to open. I've wanted a solid fitness facility/rec center in my area since I moved into my current home. Peter Hemingway has been closed the entire time I've lived here and the re-opening seems to keep getting pushed, and Commonwealth is just far enough where the travel time starts to get annoying after a while.

I really have to give credit on these rec centers though, the City tends to knock these newer ones out of the park.