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I wonder if you could add twin rinks to Kinsmen to really make it a full-rec/sports centre.
I recall one iteration with a new double rink. Was that not moved forward?

But yes, to your point, it's sad to see this trend and policy direction. How about reinvestment and replacement of high quality rec in mature neighbourhoods.
There's no rink in the current development, and none in the future plans on site that I am aware of. The only double-rink I can recall for Coronation was part of the City's 10-year arena development guide from back in 2009. This also included a new double rink at Rollie Mills, but I'd imagine this is quite outdated and doesn't reflect current plans anymore: https://www.edmonton.ca/public-files/assets/document?path=PDF/10YearArenaCDBrochureHR3.pdf

Edit: Looks like BASE just beat me to it!
I wish this particular cladding had been used on the library.
I agree, the city really cheaped out on the library and it shows. Its unfortunate because it is such a prominent location. The new libraries in Calgary and Ottawa, both btw similar sized cities, puts ours to shame.

On a more positive note the cladding here does look nice.