What do you think of this project?

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He definitely wanted to sell but when the offer apparently changed, things went south.

Property is well cared for though and looks solid and probably generates pretty good income. Not sure how many units in there.
Thanks, i wasn't aware of all the background drama. the building is in good shape. heavily renovated, but it's one of the last of those big foursquare-turned apartments left in Oliver. once it's boxed in (as things seem to be headed) it will be a funky little property. it seems to have some eclectic tenants (there's one guy who takes a lawn chair out onto the flat roof of the basement staircase and sunbathes) but it seems clean and well-maintained. hopefully it will stick around for a while, and not get turned into a parking lot or something stupid.
^ FYI the building being discussed above


It would be a tight lot to redevelop in the future with Westrich's buildings next door, but it's not entirely undevelopable. You could potentially build something 6 storeys and narrowish here, but including underground parking would be tough
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Any word on Grandin 2? I suspect that it will go following Grandin 4 next door.


Very excited for this one is all I know. Hendrix, CX, The View, and now this guy are really changing this skyline and the density of the area. One of the most liveable parts of the core with the Government LRT, Parks, Save Ons and Jasper/109 cluster of stores.