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Sep 22, 2015
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Been expecting this one. Cidex is not the confirmed developer yet, but last I heard they were the ones that bought the land from the City.

A planning application has been received for a property at 8019 105 Street NW.

This application includes a rezoning and proposed amendments to the Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan.

The application proposes to rezone the site from General Business Zone (CB2) to Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2).

The land is currently being used as a surface parking lot, consisting of approximately 300 publicly accessible stalls.

The draft Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2) proposal is for three residential towers with commercial podiums as well as publicly-accessible parking.

More details on this application will be added as they become available.

City Council Public Hearing Date: To be determined
Reference File Number: LDA18-0414
Planner: Email Stuart Carlyle or call 780-496-6068 for more information.

495 units
FAR 5.0
Includes public parking underground



upload_2018-9-11_11-14-34.png upload_2018-9-11_11-15-22.png upload_2018-9-11_11-16-3.png upload_2018-9-11_11-16-42.png upload_2018-9-11_11-17-10.png



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I think this one is off to a good start. While still in a seemingly generic state in terms of details architecturally, I like the planning that activates the lane and allows for a broad public way connecting 80 and 81. Another potentially exciting development for Strathcona.
Share your thoughts on the proposed rezoning of the south Scona parking lot


October 3, 2018

Edmontonians are invited to a drop-in public engagement session about a proposed rezoning in the Queen Alexandra neighbourhood that would allow for the development of three residential towers with commercial uses in the podiums and underground parking.

Date: Tuesday, October 9
Time: 6 - 8 p.m.
Location: Queen Alexandra School Gymnasium, 7730 106 Street

The proposal would rezone the south Scona parking lot located on the east side of 105 Street between 80 and 81 Avenue from (CB2) General Business Zone to (DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision and amend the Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan.

The session will be an opportunity to learn more about the proposal and provide feedback to the City and applicant. Feedback will be summarized in a report to City Council for a decision on the rezoning and associated plan amendment.

For more information:

Media contact:
Karen Burgess
Communications Advisor
Urban Form & Corporate Strategic Development


  • Northwest Tower (Tower A): approximately 18 storeys (60 metres) in height
  • Southwest Tower (Tower B): approximately 15 storeys (50 metres) in height
  • Southeast Tower (Tower C): approximately 20 storeys (66 metres) in height
  • A maximum of 495 dwellings
  • Overall Floor Area Ratio of 5.0
  • Maximum Tower Floor Plate of 800 sq. m
  • A minimum of 1 vehicular and 0.5 bicycle parking stalls per suite with 1 visitor parking space for every 25 suites
  • 150 publicly-accessible parking stalls
  • A minimum of 10 three-bedroom units that are family-oriented
  • Streetscape improvements along 80 Avenue NW, 81 Avenue NW and 105 Street NW
  • A publicly-accessible corridor through the site
  • Public art contribution in the amount of $7.00 per sq. m of floor area (approximately $300,000 based on the current proposed Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 5.0 and the site size)


Definitely looks like another Cidex + NORR collab.

I propose it be named: The HAT Trick


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I think it looks pretty good, especially considering that Raymond block is right there, too!

I also like that they are adding some more "family oriented" units. It would be great if it was a success and encouraged more developers to do the same. I'm sure that sooner than later, families will start considering more options like this as opposed to a single family home out on the periphery of the city, as it is not only much more convenient and closer to all services, but it is arguably safer for parents to leave there kids at home if need be.

Edit: I'm saying that this option would be great for a family with one or MAYBE two kids, but any more than that and living in a condo unit could become hectic;)
Given the proximity to Calgary trail, I hope there is less push back on this one.

Did the new Whyte Ave plan cover this location or was that for frontage on Whyte only?
@StopDropandLOL HAHAHA ya got that right! I mean, I do get that many people like that lived trough the time of Edmonton having virtually zero development in terms of, well, tall towers, but they are going to realize sooner or later that Edmonton is transforming from the "oh, yeah, we're okay, I guess..." city to a dense, Transit Oriented and Metropolitan one, and development like this is not gonna go away.

Also just to be clear, I am referring to the people who say things like: "We are at MAXIMUM DENSITY!" and "My 1975 built 8 story apartment's view is gonna be partially blocked by a new TOD development. THIS IS HORENDIOUS WE WERE HERE FIRST!!", and not referring to people who have actual constructive criticism on how a development could fit in with the character of the area, which, in my opinion, this one does.:)
Speaking as a resident of Old Strathcona - I like it, and I hope it gets built (maybe with a few tweaks). Man, I bet Bryan at NoFrills will be excited by this - that's a whole bunch of (potentially) new customers moving in across the street.