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Density is key, but we need more office space and employment in the direct area to support things 'off-hours'.
Interesting that Old Strathcona has seemed to thrive over the years without hardly any office space, while downtown with such an abundance of office space has generally seemed to languish.

Old Strathcona already seems to be quite a destination location. However, there may be merit to having a bit more balance in the area. I think adding more residential nearby will give it that and particularly support nearby retail, much of which has been hard hit, by COVID, like most retail.

I hope the lot just south of the old Post Office building will also get developed as well, this would really fill in this area and make this part of Old Strathcona feel more like a bigger neighbourhood rather than just a strip along Whyte Ave.
The office and 'off hours' need was directly from business owners, the BIA and others working to support the neighbourhood.

They had very serious vacancy issues, a loss of multiple brands and rental rates that were out of whack with actual footfall/traffic.

That said, there has been an injection of new renos, buildings, apartments and life and that's wonderful to see.
Density is key, but we need more office space and employment in the direct area to support things 'off-hours'.
Won't occupied residential units provide that 'off hours' support, especially since I can see this development potentially being popular with UofA students that are at home many different times of the day?
The podium looks "squished" underneath the towers, a 2 storey podium would've been more appropriate IMO.

Overall though it's not bad and that lot badly needed to be developed, so it's a big win for the area regardless.
Will they build all 3 towers at the same time though? Curious to see this one break ground (whenever that will be)
I believe whyte is similar to broadway in Vancouver. A 2nd corridor and Main Street. The offices and more mixed use vibe around it is really strong and it makes it a lively place. I agree, more offices on whyte will be a win!
Kinda sorta, sure.

Whyte always ebbs and flows, but we need to continue to add more contemporary options in the area as the 60s-80s walkups are tired and will not bring the disposable income to the area that is needed.
^^^^ Whyte doesn't "Ebb" it just continues to build -- the only danger is the prospect of Chain stores destroying the "character" of the neighbourhood and thereby causing the slow forfeiture of its cachet. Fortunately developers like Beljan see the prospect of that and are working against it.
It most certainly does.

Chat with any owner, proprietor, business person there and it has been a rollercoaster ride over the last decade.

Huge vacancies, rents way off 'market' and some wonderful new additions.
Much of any ebb and flow is related to the economy in Edmonton in general. Another part is being a victim of its own success and perhaps retail rental rates getting ahead of what could be sustained in more challenging economic times.

However, there is no other such historic street area in Edmonton, so I wouldn't worry about all that too much. It remains a very popular destination for both locals and visitors the city.

I do think having unique local businesses can add a lot to it being a draw, but some visitors like a bit of the familiar too. So perhaps the secret to success is getting the right balance.