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Read an article today about JW Marriott topping off and in the article contained some information about Phase 2. Construction could start 2 or 3 years after the land is rezoned and serviced. Also an office tower is being considered for the Baccarat Casino site however it won't go forward unless market conditions are right.
Phase 2 has a lot of potential. I thought initially that where the Baccarat is located was to be a "trophy tower" and thought that was supposed to be part of phase 1?
Hmmm, this one seems to be getting closer!
Talk, talk, talk... doesn't anyone build anymore? I think the Ice District is trying in its own way to put the "freeze" on adjacent projects by other developers by indicating that they alone are going to gobble up Edmonton's core development demand. Miffed about parking? Maybe. But they are in the catbird seat. If they began phase 2 development, they could enable construction parking and assembly trailers siting without impacting their own event-parking-existing-underground-structures. The demand for additional condos is clearly there; also office demand is on the increase; maybe even a second hotel (under the Marriott banner?). This is not rocket science -- they should take advantage of the momentum that they themselves created. As for tower B and associated hospitality/retail, let's not create an eyesore that lessens the impact of the potential City Centre that they have control over -- this as much as any other in the City should be a legacy project; it should be an architectural masterpiece with impeccable planning attributes. From a public perspective, the centre is less than half finished and there should be an urgency that belies a stalemated effort. If the Ice District wants to score, they should show a little offense.
We need a greenbelt and/or agricultural reserve to put the brakes on outward development. We easily have enough vacant and underutilized land to support another 50 years of growth in existing brownfield, but development will always stall as long as it competes with artificially cheap land on the outskirts.
we once had a green belt but then it became the TUC for the Henday. I recall that during annexation talk, the GoA determined there was to be a green space between St Albert and Edmonton. Basically from 137ave to St Albert's south boundaries. At the time Jasper Auto parts was located on the south side.
@Daveography here is an article featuring Minneapolis' approach to ever-expanding boundaries -- they abandoned single family zoning altogether!
This is brilliant. When will someone present this to city council as a solution to Edmonton's own sprawl problem?

And so what if single-family developers take their business to bedroom communities, or to other cities entirely? We need to look out for our #1, our Edmonton. We need to fill our surface lots, brownfields, and TOD proposals, all sooner rather than later.

Ice District Phase 2 needed to start yesterday.
^ Your guess @.crystalised. is as good as any. I think the Katz group lost their way. If they could exhibit a tad more creativity, then I suspect they would have an easier time attracting businesses to their schemes. The arena is beautiful, the hotel/condo is beautiful -- the rest is so-so; I have a feeling they are headed in the wrong direction. They are probably listening to ill advice from realtors instead of focusing on the creative aspect. I guess we'll know soon enough.