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I think there is too much uncertainty right now about air travel in general. Despite any plans that Airlines might have I think it's just a wait-and-see for any new routes or developments at the airport.
Well well cowboy don’t you wish you hadn’t posted this just hours before Flair’s big announcement?
Seriously though in regards to the XLR it won’t be available for another year or two and probably five years or so before anyone would consider flying it out of EIA.

Flair Airlines Grows with Addition of 13 New Boeing 737 MAX 8 Aircraft​

This is going to be a game changer

This is great news. Hopefully more service out of Edmonton, too, and better for other markets as well. Flair has also refreshed their look again. 20210127_200600.jpg
Looked on website.
Edmonton is direct to Victoria, Abbotsford, Ottawa and Kitchener along with previous destinations such as Vancouver and Toronto. Saw one guy booked Ottawa flight from YEG return for $90. I checked and a one way is $49.
Welp, guess I'm going to Ottawa! See y'all there :cool:
Flair air expanding service to eight new Canadian destinations. Not clear of which of those are direct from Edmonton.

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Good news. Flair is going to try put the bunch of new planes it just got to use and really only domestic routes are applicable at this time.

They also seem to try avoid the bigger hubs, which is good particularly if your destination is not one of them or an international connection through them.

I flew with them once, it was fine. No problems.