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That was until the season started. By Mid-November most places didn't even have the Oilers making the playoffs.
Yup, after getting four of a possible 24 points in their first 12 games, it was statistically near impossible odds that they'd make the playoffs.

Also, going down 3-2 in the Van series were some tough odds also...
Hell of a game. Bouchard is freaking delivering in these playoffs too. I only dreamed of a player like him on the Oil. Just incredible
Not bad luck, but not owning when you have it.

That first should have been 4-1.

Yup, let them off the hook there.

First game all playoffs Draisaitl hasn't had a point. Was going to happen.

Oilers had won 3 in a row going into last night's game including 2 on the road (had 3 in a row against Kings, too). At this level of elite teams, that's not easy.

So far this playoffs we've always followed up a loss, with a win. Let's keep that going.

Let's go Oilers.
Coming back home with a split. That's what the road team shoots for. Now to take care of business in games 3 and 4. Hopefully a raucous crowd at Rogers can give the lads a huge advantage and provide the edge that we need in such a tight series.