Probably just fixtures -- benches, Arc vending machine, a few more tap stations, etc. I wonder if them not installing ticket validators is a holdup as well.

I personally think they should normally allow dual sided loading except when crowd management is required after games.
Used this station tonight for the Style experience event. When you have to cross the track it certainly doesn’t feel any more convenient shuffling along a with a big crowd to the end of the platform and around.

The station itself is fine enough and hopefully it does handle bigger crowds better although my experience tonight didn’t seem much better.
The project website says this was completed in November 2022, can anyone say if the new platform is open now?
The north platform will only be used for Stadium major events at this time. Once the U2 cars are placed and doors on both sides can be opened, all platforms will be used full time. Thankfully the replacement of the U2s was approved this budget cycle so we should be seeing new trains within the next couple of years at the earliest.
Screen Shot 2023-02-04 at 12.24.57 PM.png