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Sep 22, 2015
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Branching off from the Muttart Lands Development thread.
  • Rohit bought the land off Brookfield
  • Land is divided into four parcels
  • This will be the first to be developed, "Area 2", closest to Jasper Ave and Edgewater
  • Southern tip of area will be public park
  • EDC presentation is a DP application then, as zoning is in place (Council approved in 2015)
  • 2 Buildings, 6 stories each
  • Some surface parking (26 stalls) in the centre, one street access only
  • Townhouse units lining exterior streets
  • Cantelivered balconies
  • Small commercial building in between the buildings, facing the park, has a patio
  • Outdoor amenity space between parking and commercial, fireplaces
  • Studio, 1bdrm 2 bdrm, lobby amenity spaces
  • Indoor amenity spaces on 6th floor
  • Rohit would build, own, and operate the buildings
  • Materials shown were cement fibre, clear glass, copper accents
  • Public art on the "main street" entrance
C.2. Muttart Urban District (Development Permit)
Christiaan Odinga - NORR

MOVED: D. Brown
Motion of support with conditions.

FOR THE MOTION: D. Brown, C. Holmes, B. Nolan, W. Sims, and A. Zepp.

The Committee recommends that the Applicant work with Administration, and the Urban
Design Unit in particular, to:
● Confirm private amenity space for all ground floor units​
● Confirm that the location of walkway accesses abutting public plaza are​
coordinated with the design of the plaza space​
In addition, the Committee has concerns regarding:
● The functionality of the commercial building; specifically related to loading and​
waste management​
● The configuration of the internal courtyard, specifically:​
○ The provision of/access to/circulation within surface parking - for​
vehicles and waste management​
○ Separation of ground floor units from parking and circulation​
areas, garbage collection​
○ Parking lot appears to be the primary means for pedestrian​
movement and connection north to south. Consider providing​
designated pedestrian pathways.​

In order to address these concerns, the Committee encourages the Applicant to consider a
variance to reduce the number of required parking stalls in the internal courtyard.


“We’ll have a development permit ready to go at the end of the week,” says Russell Dauk, vice-president at Rohit, referring to the first 250 units in two six-storey rental buildings and some neighbourhood retail. The company bought the land from Brookfield, who worked with the city to ensure zoning was flexible. Now that Stadium Station is funded, “it opens the neighbourhood up.”


Also this pleases me:

"The two small public parks in the development will be the first in Edmonton designed by Montreal’s Claude Cormier, the world-famous landscape architect who recently did dog fountain in Toronto’s Berczy Park. "

About damn time, Edmonton needs some quality parks like this! Maybe when the downtown park is built it'll be done right!
Reference ID: Job No 298201480-002
Description: To construct 2 Apartment House buildings (with a total of 247 Dwellings) and a Commercial building
Location: 10620 - MUTTART CROSSING NW
Plan 1723564 Blk 6 Lot 2
Status: Intake - Payment Required
Create Date: 4/16/2019 10:24:48 AM
Neighbourhood: BOYLE STREET

I think someone needs to work on their cost estimates for this project. Maybe $15 million would be more accurate but $150 million seems a little off.