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Put up a few more cheeky/faux vintage brick commercial buildings around this, maybe a couple residential towers, a couple pieces of public art, and you've got Edmonton's version of the Toronto Distillery District.
That is the 3rd phase of Stadium Yards. It's currently the work yard for phase 2. I believe it is 2 or 3 similar buildings to phase 1. That's the one I am hoping for a pub in!
Phase 3 better have at least a few commercial units! I'll be sorely disappointed if they don't create some units that are directly visible from the station, it would be an enormous missed opportunity.
This is Rohit, right?

If the speculation is they are targeting South Asian community members with this extortion scheme, then this fits the gangs current M.O.

Shitty to see. We had a house down our street burned down as it was almost complete and it was determined to be part of this extortion investigation.