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Lol.... unless you mean working for a certain political party as an "advisor".
Those pay lees than you'd imagine... Declined one such position on the basis of my own principles, but even if it weren't for that, the salary is much less appealing than you'd think.
Missing the 'glitz' but I'd prefer it due to the proximity to the Leg, valley and serenity of the area vis a vis.

I really like the MacLaren, its location and its look/feel, but wonder if that corner and traffic would bother me at all.
You'd likely never notice the traffic especially if you were higher up or faced east. The difference between 124 St and 102 Ave is that it's not a 'raceway' like 105 Street can be. Vehicles are generally moving slower in this area.
My first place when I moved out on my own was in the building that shall not be named at the bottom of 105st. When the light turned green and people gunned it up the hill you literally couldn’t here your tv for a good 10-15 seconds lol.
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Like it, but still think they F'd the corner with zero interaction, dark glass, nothing inviting and no patio.
Yeah. Curious why they didn’t do like garage doors on the north side or at least clear glass.

Good earth patio is potentially a top 5 for any coffee shop in the city though imo.