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Sep 22, 2015
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Proposed 80-storey tower would smash Western Canada height records
East downtown residents are getting word they could one day have a record-breaking neighbour.

Alldritt Land Corp. is pitching an 80-storey mixed residential tower that could end up as much as 29 metres taller than the Ice District’s 251-metre Stantec tower, still under construction, but billed as the tallest tower in Western Canada.

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)
Several things in favor -- the article intimates that Planning is supportive; it has perhaps the best river valley views of any tower; it has direct river valley access via the convention centre; it is key to a more rapid development of the Quarters; it has great access to the convention centre, to the civic arts precinct and to the Federal building; it has an extremely talented architect at the helm; it anchors the east end of Jasper Avenue -- Edmonton's long-battered main street; it also projects great views of Edmonton's downtown; a hotel is a natural at this location as well (true mixed use like the Marriott-condo edifice under construction in the ICE district); and on and on. This is probably the best mixed use site in all of Edmonton and I doubt Alldritt will let it go. I had considered buying a condo in the Symphony; this is a better choice and I would be one of the first people in line, design unseen.
"Whether we build up to 80 storeys or smaller, we don’t know yet.”
A) Render?
B) What's the percent chance this really happens?
C) Thoughts on the existing site? Seems like some interesting masonry on some interesting soil. I'd hate for Edmonton to lose anything quasi-historic.
D) From the article: "Public open house notices went out this week and quickly spread on social media. 'Whatever they are smoking, I want some,' said one commenter on the Riverdale Facebook group."
My best guesses @RyLucky
A: closely guarded secret partly to build anticipation, partly to not derail negotiations with E. Planning, and partly because it is still a work in progress
B: 95% -- it may not be 80 storeys, but with Brad Kennedy at the design helm it is definitely going to be something better than a tall box.
C: I don't think that there is anything here structure-wise that qualifies as "significantly historic"; this is, however, the best development site in all of Edmonton for mixed-use condo and hotel, bar none. There are 2 historic structure groupings immediately east of the site -- the Russian Orthodox church and the one-time RCMP grouping (barracks, etc.)
D: For every positive advancement in any city anywhere on earth, there are always detractors who like to speak out -- this particular individual should try to come up with a more original saying.