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Aldritt has always been quite conservative. But I felt this was a bold and welcome move by the younger Aldritt members. However deep down this particular projects will not get built, At least as we see it. a much smaller project may come. Is there is some politics at play probably. The supply chain is not a factor as much anymore. We factor in long lead time for products. And the big lead times seem to be on the electrical side now. Financing will hold some projects up but not this one. If it didn't happen earlier it will not happen. What may kick this further down the road is the labour issues. This last few months has shown me that that is the number one concern.

Looking at next year there is a phenomenal amount of RFPs. So the will to build is there. JUST maybe not this one.
(Hey Psst -- can you keep a secret) Alldritt owns the land north of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral abutting the south side of Jasper Avenue on 96th Street. Here they will be building their "presentation center" for the 80-storey tower; they also own the parking lot south of of the ROC which will provide parking for those checking out the "presentation center". I'll stake my reputation on this happening soon...
^^^^ You will be proved wrong over the next two years. (But then, again, you won't admit that you were wrong you will just change your opinion and say something like "oh I was referring to condos that allow pets" or something equally as baseless). You keep looking at present conditions -- you seem to have no capacity to look into the future.
I, too, remain skeptical that it will get built but I don't think that it is out-of-the-question. It is so easy to pooh-pooh the idea without understanding the road travelled by Alldritt much less the road ahead. Certainly, it has become a running laugh-generator on this website by (my guess) over half the know-it-alls; wouldn't it be exceedingly funny if they were all served up a plate of crow.
The know-it-alls never pass up the opportunity to insult the know-nothings whenever the latter get it wrong (or, I suppose, when they get it right?). Hopefully they will eat crow, and not just change their opinion without admitting they were wrong. For now it's up to the skeptics like us to show what honor is, to admit when we're wrong, to demonstrate the rebuilding of a new reputation when the old one was squandered. Or the other option, just to generate some laughs.
I remember in 2017 being excited for the groundbreaking of this building in October 2018... my first post on this website may be under this thread I think.

Alldritt Tower, you will always have a special place in my heart, and part of me still believes that you'll get built before Alldritt develops their empty lots on 124th Street and Stony Plain Road. Thank you for the trip down memory lane 😌❤️
The economic climate globally does not look good, and that vibe may supercede that date.

In hind sight, I wish this was proposed at the same time as Stantec; it would have been built already.
Yeah it would be a perfect fit to Edmontons skyline, and generally, having a skyscraper that is as tall as a Toronto skyscraper would be cool!
Rather than put all our Quarters eggs in one basket, a narrow stip of land encroaching on the river valley, that may or may not happen, I feel it would be better to for the city try get some smaller developments on some of the existing lots in the Quarters. Surely with all the recent talk of affordable housing, this area with its central location would be a good spot for something.