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Sep 22, 2015
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Site was recently sold to Edgar Developments in January:

From IanO on C2E:
Pre-application notice: UW to DC2 - 106st/102ave - Edgar Developments
TOD - 4 storey podium with 2 x 30-40 storey residential towers (90-140m)
600-700 units with ROW HOUSING and commercial at the base
UG and above screened parking
Musson Cattell Mackey Architects
Excited for this one definitely. Architect has a very good portfolio. LITERALLY designed the Vancouver Trump Tower! :)
Not sure that @archited would be too impressed with the above-grade parking ;)

Besides that this sounds very interesting.
Project name is The Shift

  • Two towers, 38 and 35 stories (north and south respectively)
  • FAR 18
  • Towers are rectangular, wider on the north-south elevations
  • Cantelievered and curtainwalled "jutting box" amenity spaces on floors 26 (north tower) and 19 (south)
  • 4-story podium
  • Retail along 102 Ave and corner
  • 2-story townhouses along 106 St facing the new Warehouse park
  • Townhouses are slightly recessed with masonry and wood, landscaping separation
  • Remainder is above-ground parking, screened behind backlit louvres and art feature
  • Parking designed to be level, roughed-in for future conversion to additional residential units
  • 5th floor units have outdoor amenity space, including shared open space between the two towers
  • Also includes a covered walkway connecting the two (shared amenities between towers)
Gotta say it looks really good.
@Daveography Did the Developer mention when they will release the renderings or when there will be a public presentation? Very Excited to see this one, as this seems like the developer's first big project outside of the Vancouver area :).