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The following was approved by the Executive Committee without debate:

"That Executive Committee recommend to City Council:

That capital profile 21-61-3621 - Electric Buses - ZEB Program, set out in Attachment 2 of the April 12, 2021, City Operations report CO00366, be approved with funding as follows:

● $12,560,000 transferred from existing capital profile CM-66-3600 Bus Fleet & Equipment Rehabilitation and Replacement, and

● $14,440,000 of new Tax-Supported Debt from the Canada Infrastructure Bank - Zero Emissions Buses Program."

Here's the full report.

This proposal is item 7.9 on council's agenda for Monday, April 19.
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This proposal is item 7.9 on council's agenda for Monday, April 19.
The proposed borrowing bylaw passed first reading without debate, and will now be advertised to the public. The earliest that it can be signed and passed is Monday, May 17, 2021.
Something like this might fill first-leg commute taking suburbanites from home to transit stations...
That reminds me of something I saw on Reddit the other day. Someone posted a screencap of this tweet, and another person commented with this hypothetical situation. This article makes me believe it'd actually happen at some point :(

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I am not saying that something like that couldn't happen but I think that it would be short lived -- the backlash against Starbucks and the rideshare company would be so huge that the negatives would far outweigh the positives for their business model. Any time a company tries to force-feed the public they pay a huge long-lasting price... Amazon's turn is coming.
Edmonton has been a leader in Canada with its electric bus fleet - about 60 buses I believe.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, the federal government announced $325 million of new investment on top of the $165 million previously announced (nearly $500 million in total) to Calgary to purchase 259 electric buses (about 1/4 of their entire fleet).

Suddenly, our 60 bus fleet is not looking so substantial.

It's going to be a few years for this YYC purchase to happen and for the infrastructure to be built to support that, but I sure hope a federal announcement is coming to increase our fleet and keep this city as a leader.

Following the $330 million the province is providing YYC towards their arena project, and now this massive federal announcement, Mayor Gondek is sure doing something right.
Pretty huge news for Calgary, such a great development for their city. It's fantastic that investments like this are being made, and hopefully makes it easier for other cities across Canada to access similar funding going forward.
There are issues with the current fleet but they are working through them. The Battery busses are for Peak hour runs. They do not run full days like some of the current diesel ones that are sometimes on the road for weeks at a time. St Albert had to send one of theirs down to California to have the Batteries changed because it could not be done here.

Have a neighbor that is head of the maintenance at one of the garages and he has a long list of complaints.