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Calgary Trail development gets zoning go-ahead but without bike paths some councillors wanted

Looks like this is going ahead. Not including shared paths seems reasonable - there's no pedestrians here.
You're right, and that's why I'm so conflicted on this one.

Without the infrastructure, there won't be any pedestrians or cyclists (i.e. unless we make it easy to cycle and walk). While there are alternate ways to go north-south (the article mentions 106 St), I'm not a fan of always shunting cyclists off to side streets.

Burnaby, the Vancouver suburb, it a very car-centric place, despite having 2 Skytrain lines running through it. But in the past decade or so, any new development along designated paths (like the Lougheed highway) has to include cycle paths off the road. It does make for a patchwork where bike lanes appear and disappear at random points, but in the long run, the infrastructure will be there for 50-100 years.
Will there at least be standard sidewalks? IMO the greatest need for pedestrian access is to the west towards the residential and somewhat north and south towards the nearby hotels.
Likely traffic lights on the north or south side of the block. I would like to think the signals have a pedestrian walk signal ... to a sidewalk I should hope.
You're darn tootin'! Plus right next door to the ski shop (old Whitemud Inn) - new business development in addition to that empty section between the Sawridge and the "south skid hotel row," will be another new development there as well.