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Dec 31, 2015
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Hey UrbanToronto!

I'm starting to create a model of future Mississauga using SketchUp and Google Earth Pro. I only have a few buildings as of now, but I'm working on adding more. I'll be updating this thread with new images as I go along. I'll be working on getting the massing more correct.




Hope you all enjoy!
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New updated renderings. I added the rest of the PSV development, got the first three towers of M-City done, and added some other odds and ends. Going to be working on massing for PSV and adding the rest of M-City and Pinnacle Uptown next.






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A lot can be done. MCC should be extended to Mavis. The central park can be extended as well. The red strip can be extended to Erindale Station. The SQ1 parking lots can be redeveloped along with Hurontario and Dundas.


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Thank you! Those two developments are definitely on the list to add!

I agree, there is so much that can be done, I feel that we will see downtown's influence extend out towards Mavis first along Burnhamthorpe, redeveloping over the industrial park area and retail. I would like to see the area around Square One fill in though. Hopefully some more stuff branching out of the traditional MCC area happens soon.

I've also been working on a fantasy mockup of the Square One area more filled in with density but it isn't ready yet.
Newest update! I've been on reading week at university so I've had the time to pump out a good majority of the projects going on in Mississauga. Did the rest of M-City as well as Pinnacle Uptown. I added some more odds and ends too (Keystone, Grand Mirage, Daniels Arc). I will be working on the rest of Daniels Erin Mills next. Still need to correct the massing for the rest of PSV other than Block 9.










I have added new buildings! Although, it's a smaller update this time around as university has got me busy. I added the rest of Daniels Erin Mills and the full extent of the Pemberton Erin Mills development. There isn't too much left in terms of major proposals that have full renderings, so next I figure I will work on stuff for the Port Credit/Lakeview waterfront proposals (and finally hopefully get to finishing the massing for PSV), while we wait for full renderings of 185 Enfield and 91 Eglinton.

In addition to these, I am also working on some fantasy renderings for ideas on how Mississauga City Centre could eventually get developed into a true downtown with office buildings, hotels, and major urban points of interest, mainly revolving around the idea of shrinking the footprint of SQ1 by putting major towers in the footprint of its large retail stores, and filling parking lots with tower/podium styles similar to that of the PSV development. In its current state, it looks a lot like the Moscow International Business Centre. It's not done yet but I will post it sometime with detailed explanations and ideas. I may create another thread for it, as it is a different sort of subject with the model. Either way, I hope to share it soon.




It's been while since I've had an update! Once again, I have been relatively busy with school since the new year. However, I have been able to find a bit of time to work on this project. I have added the 91 Eglinton development, with my model based off of the site plan that was posted not too long ago. I am looking forward to seeing more of the area around Hurontario-Eglinton get built up in the near future. I have also been able to work a little bit on the Lakeview Village development, with the three tallest towers being done as of now. I have also provided a nice update to the PSV massing to better depict the massing shown in the renderings of the entire development.

Hopefully with Mississauga this year, we will see more developments get proposed and see more proposals start construction in 2019!






i wish more development occurred in the square one parking lots where it should be going. mcc will always be a joke until it starts filling in regardless of how nice the buildings are.
Square One, including its parking lots, comprise about 1/6 of the land in MCC. The parking lots comprise around 1/2 of that. I will not judge MCC based entirely on 1/12 of its land use.

And some of Square One parking lots have been filled in gradually over the years from the mall's various expansions and the standalone retail structures. As the density surrounding the mall continues to increase, that should make removing the parking lots even easier. To expect development to occur on parking lots instead of the greenfields right beside them doesn't make any sense.

I don't understand what people expect for suburban development. There would be no complaining about the development surrounding Square One if it was all just regular detached houses like everywhere else. People just complaining because its different.
A lot of people really like to complain about the way MCC is developing, but I don't think it's fair to compare with the big cities, as Mississauga really isn't a typical city that can develop like Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver/etc because it's much newer overall, despite being huge. There's not much historical core to build off of. It's a city that's clearly aiming for density but from a different approach, as there is no true "core" to stem out from, so they're creating one with residential density from scratch and trying to converge into a downtown.

There are currently somewhere around 50+ towers proposed or under construction in or near MCC. Most of these are greenfield projects. As these fill in, even more proposals will file in, as we are seeing with "The Exchange" master plan that has been recently proposed, it should add 10+ towers on its own, it'll be one of the first that involves redeveloping parking lots. I reckon we are going to be seeing a lot more going for the parking lots in a couple of years.
MCC's big problem is its mega roads. Confederation parkway has a 21m wide asphalt width for the road surface - which is wider than the entire right of way of most downtown Toronto streets. And that isn't including the parallel parking.

It's quite excessive even just for it cross section - bike lanes, and vehicle lanes. That shouldn't be more than 19m to provide the same vehicle capacity. There is 2m of unnecessary width without even addressing the issue of if 5 lanes is necessary.

Then beyond that, the total building face - building face width is well over 40m. This is wider than Spadina Avenue is, and that's one of the widest streets in Toronto. Confederation Parkway is a mid-level arterial in Mississauga.

It's really hard to make those sorts of scales feel urban.
Hey, everyone, I've got another update. I've been able to add the four recently unveiled towers for The Exchange District condos, as well as some more of Lakeview Village. The Exchange District condos will really stand out in the sea of parking lots. I can't wait to see what else is in the pipeline for filling in this area along Burnhamthorpe.